Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good Vibes and Good Luck!

Yesterday morning was my appointment for my treatment with IVIG. What happens is the IVIG will make it so my eggs won't get killed off YAY!!

So I started to take pictures while the IV was going on cause I just had to sit there for two hours. So I sent these two to my family:

 with the text "Send baby dust my way!!"

About an hour later I got this picture from my sister Kylie, with the text "Positive Vibes and well wishes from the gas station people"
and then this one "Irey and her class wish you well too!"

At this point I was like wait what is going on, why is she sending these to me? what is she telling these people? So I kept asking her what was going on and what she was telling these people.Then she sent me this:
"Love and good vibes from Laura's class"
"Mount Mahogany faculty wishes you well too LOL"

By this point she finally answered my question and said "I am telling them that you need to feel love and good vibes because you're trying to make a baby...again."
And that's when the tears started coming. I am sitting at the clinic, in a chair, with an IV in my arm, crying. Real cute. 

And guess what they just kept coming!! 

She asked me if I was seeing these at which point I could only respond with a simple picture. 
See tears? Ya I was sobbing.

And they just kept coming and didn't stop coming till late afternoon! Some of these people I don't even know, but they we're kind enough to show me some support and love.

I wish I could describe what these pictures did for me! It gave me SO much hope and SO much support that I really feel like THIS IS OUR MONTH! I can do this and I feel on top of the world! Seriously it was so simple but made my entire life and I won't ever forget it!


  1. Oh man. Now I'm sobbing. I hope everything works out for you guys. You deserve it!

  2. Wow! That is so amazing!!! Loved this post! Good Luck!

  3. SO sweet Jenessa! Good luck this month! Prayers to you and your sweet family!!

  4. Oh my goodness this just touched my soul!!! I think I teared up with ya. How blessed you are to have so many people that love you and send you their support!!! xoxo