Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Greatness and 16 Weeks

Let's start with prego update:
How far along? 16 weeks 5 days

Weight gain? Went to the Dr's and I have gained 6 lbs! Happy to report!

Maternity Clothes? As of this past week its MUCH more comfortable to do maternity clothes then regurlar. And I'm okay with that

Stretch marks? nope. 

Sleep? Great. As I get bigger I fall more and more in love with my body pillow

Best moment this week? Well Christmas obvs. But we went to the Dr's and heard babies heartbeat! YAY

Miss anything? Eating whatever I want, still get sick...:((

Cravings? Fruit, Chinese, and Sushi, oh and I pounded a whole bag of Dorito's cool ranch by myself.

Any Aversions? Not as much. I want all food but then I eat it and I wanna puke

Showing? OH yes! Sometimes its hard for me to notice cause I wake up with it EVERYDAY, but then I look at pics and Im like oh yeah! 

Belly button in or out? In. 

Wedding ring on or off? on

Happy or Moody? Happy.  It's the holidays. How can you not be?

Looking forward to? A lot of things. Our 20 week appt. Our cruise. Getting started on the nursery!

Okay now crazy Christmas! We have three families we have to fit in on Christmas Eve and Christmas so it gets crazy! We do Jake's Family, My family, and Mark and Leslee. It was tough but well worth it! We started the Christmas Eve off at my in laws. With the MOST delicious dinner. Holy cow, I wish I had taken a picture. It was so amazing! Then we opened gifts from each other and from my In laws. We we're incredibly spoiled!

The highlights: 
Playing games
My father in laws "Boston" inspired gift
Getting $200 bones. Ka-ching!
All the delish treats
Watching our Christmas Eve Tradition of Garfield's Christmas

Next was Mark and Les Christmas. They came over after we got home from my in laws to watch Ashton open Jammies. Then we exchanged gifts with them and they spoiled Ashton AND Boston rotten.
Ashton looking adorable in his Christmas Jammies
Buying Jake way too large of pajama bottoms (pregnancy brain)
Boston got a cute blankie
Gift Card to Texas Roadhouse

Christmas morning came. And normally we sleep over at my parents, but it was our first year in our new home and I wanted to do Santa at our house. It was so fun. We woke up Ashton at 7:30 (cause I could hardly contain myself) unfortunately he had a fever and wasn't too thrilled, but once he saw Santa's gift he was fine!
Ashton adoring his new play kitchen
My adorable Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag
Jake being shocked about his new Nike's
Being shocked that Jake bought me an adorable purse
Ashton loving opening presents this year
The gorgeous snow Christmas Morning

After our lovely morning we headed over to my parents for Ernie's Breakfast (one of my fav traditions) and more presents. This year like half the family was way sick. Ashton had a fever. My dad woke up with the flu, Me niece Gracie had this scary rash (she is now in the hospital trying to figure out why :( story for another time) then that night my brother in law started puking, and my other niece the next day! WOWZA! But seriously it was still one of the best Christmases ever!

Ernie's Breakfast Sandwiches
Ashton's Olaf Toy he is obsessed with
My adorable new booties
Boston's new shoes
My mom made me new scrapbook pages
Talking with Elder Schroeppel

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  1. Okay one more comment....

    -That baby bump picture in front of the Christmas tree.... darling!!!
    -I thought going to two families was crazy, but three?! How!? You are amazing!
    -Your diaper bag... so stinking cute!!! I don't even have a baby and I want one!