Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Turkey for DAYS

This Thanksgiving was well done! We had two Thanksgiving dinners. the first was with Jake's family at our home the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I cook a mean turkey on the crock pot that is super juicy and flavorful. We stuffed ourselves and after my MIL brought us cute little gifts to ring in the holiday season. We ended the night playing games as lazily as possible. Literally we sat on the couch and tried to come up with games that needed the least amount of moving as possible. 

Thanksgiving morn had arrived. I saw this cute idea for a Thanksgiving breakfast on pinterest. You take cinnamon rolls and put strips of bacon in as feathers. Well even that seemed like too much work for this preggo so we settled with just cinnamon rolls. And I will tell you a secret, they we're still good even though they didn't look like turkeys.
I had prepped all my food the night before and put the last fixings before we headed out. We met up with Jakes family at the park to get some exercise in before we beefed up. But really I sat on a chair and watched. Then we headed over to my parents for the REAL feast!
I provided the biggest relish tray with all the fixens, Cheesy Green Bean Casserole, and my Raspberry Jello Salad. 
My parents feast included two types of turkeys, creamed corn, Kneaders rolls, Mashed potatoes (like 20 lbs literally), Yams, Cookie Salad, Stuffing, Gravy, Deviled Eggs, 4 pies, a yummy cookie dessert, and a pumpkin roll. 
We did a fun new thing this year where my mom had placecards and written on them was a prompt to say what we're thankful for. i.e. name something this year, or about the person to your left etc. Then my cute mom gave each daughter $100 to spend while out Black Friday shopping. Thanks momma!!
We stuffed ourselves then the husbands and kids went to a movie, while the moms stayed home and "cleaned" aka took naps. (BEST IDEA EVER).
Then the prep for Black Friday started. We first started with online deals to see if we could get better deals. Then our first stop was Old Navy. 50% off everything, I mean come on?! Then to Target. Then everyone wussed out and wanted to go home. But I didn't feel right about it so I convinced Jamie to come with me to Walmart. I snagged some tupperware for $6 and a toy for Ashton. Was kinda pointless but hey. Went home climbed into bed, woke up at 9 grabbed a Kneaders breakfast sandwich and finished my shopping online! It was PERFECT!

This year I am very blessed indeed. I have an INCREDIBLE husband who I don't praise enough for what he does for me and how hard he works for our family. I have a gorgeous, smart, funny, little boy who is my Angel on earth. I still can't believe how he came to me and that he is actually mine. And of course this little babe that is our miracle. I still sometimes sit here and go this is real life I am really pregnant. Something that I have wanted to do for 3 and half years is real. Gosh we are blessed. And ultimately my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. Cause I would only be half the person I am today without them. Because all these blessings are because of him. Because he loves me even when I do the dumbest things! Hope you all had a fabulous Turkey day!


  1. Props to you for making a turkey! I love to cook, but for some reason, the thought of trying to cook a whole turkey terrifies me! haha. Maybe I need your crockpot recipe? Anyway, it was so good seeing you out and about on Black Friday (Thanksgiving)! ;) You're adorable!

  2. SO happy for you and all your amazing blessings! BTW, can a family get any more beautiful? Love the picture of you all in front of the tree! :)