Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

I found this little writing prompt for New Year's on Pinterest and I loved it! You're welcome to steal it if you'd like!

10 Highlights of the year: (in no particular order)
1.Jake turned 30- had a surprise party
2. Found out we we're pregnant
3. Moved into our new home
4. Jenessa trained and ran a half marathon
5. Jake and I saw Celine Dion in Vegas
6. Jenessa started her own Business selling 3D Fiber Mascara
7. Finding out we're having another boy
8. Ashton turned 2
9. Jake earned a raise. Making it so I can stay home full time
10.Watching Ashton grow smarter and bigger everyday

10 Disappointments:
1. Failed IVF
2. Losing one of the twins
3. Failed adoption
4. Finding out I have Immune Deficiency 
5. Not blogging enough
(I can only think of Five which is a good thing, but its mostly revolved around our trial haha)

3 Game Changers:
1, Starting a new job with Younique. Really has changed my life!
2.A failed IVF. It put things into a whole new perspective. Especially since we we're all sure it was going to work
3. Having the first house we put an offer on fall through! SO SO grateful it did

3 Things you Focused on:
1. Expanding our family, whether it was through IVF or Adoption
2. Becoming a healthier me, I am sad it took me so long to do it, but I look back at how I changed so much this year and focused on being healthier and I am so proud.
3. Being a good momma to Ashton, and how to be the best to him.

3 Things You Forgot:
1. As sad as it is, and its my top goal for 2015 is scripture reading and becoming a better me spiritually.
2. Making a much bigger effort to get together with my best friends
3. To focus on others more, and It makes me so sad! I really want to make this next year about service and focusing on peoples needs rather then my own

Although the first part of 2014 was some of the hardest things I have ever had to go through this year turned out to be INCREDIBLE! We are so incredibly blessed and I know things happened for a reason and our Heavenly Father had a plan for us! I cannot wait for 2015 cause I know it without a doubt will be the best! Here's to more blessings and future goals! 

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