Monday, March 19, 2012

How Pinterest rocks my world!

As I previously mentioned, I adore Pinterest. I'm obsessed. I seriously didn't believe the things I could do till Pinterest. I have made all the wreaths that go on my door. I cook this fantastic meals, and I have learned how to decorate much better. I seriously feel better about my skills since pinterest. Call it cheesy, but I am in love with pinterest! 
These were my St. Patrick day items I created this month! Super fun! I love the little subway art, its so simple and easy to do!
With my craft group we did a balloon wreath. It was a lot of fun! I won't be using this balloon wreath a ton, considering it only goes up around Birthdays, so basically in April is the two times I will use it this year (Jake's birthday is on the 6th and mine is the 25th)
Then this month my friend Linsey and I went up to wood connection in Draper or somewhere up there and purchased cute block letters. Sidenote: Wood Connection just opened a store in American Fork, right down the street from me!! yah!!! I wanted something cute for my living room coffee table so I purchased letters to spell our last name. All you do is add paint, some scrapbook paper, maybe ribbon if it tickles your fancy! BAM! you have a cute/easy craft. Now this wasn't from Pinterest necessarily, but still awesome!             

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