Friday, March 2, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

A couple weeks ago, I made plans to see my besties from high school, who I hadn't seen for a month. Which is WAY too long. We decided to do cheap, yet delicious mexican and went to Cafe Rio in Provo. It was delightful. :)

Don't mind the fact I look albino! I sure love all these girls, plus Kelly who had to leave early. But we sat there and talked for and hour and a half and it felt like it had only been days since I had seen them. As we were leaving I realized we forgot to take a picture at dinner, so we snapped this bad boy right outside.

Well, we obviously hadn't had enough of each other so we decided to go see This Means War. A fun little chick flick with Reese Witherspoon and two highly attractive, (make you want some) gentleman. 
The one on the right, was delicious.
Basically this movie was great, a little racy but I was trying so hard not to pee my pants. I would recommend it! It was so delightful. 

As we were leaving, my friend Lisa who is prego, I asked her if she had taken any belly shots? I just think they are so cute and adorable, I may not when it is actually me. But still! So I had her stand against the wall so I could be the one to show off her adorable baby bump!

I love all these girls and had a fantastic time with them. I always compare my other friendships to the ones I have with these four! I don't know where I would be without them! LOVE YOU GALS

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  1. I'm doing the same thing with my h.s. friends on Saturday. Zupas and that movie. Can't wait to see it. Glad you enjoyed that. Girls night is ALWAYS the best night!