Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bubba Gump Frahm {2}

Our wee little child dog, Bubba's birthday was on the 23rd... I think. Yes this post is about my dog. Yes, its gay that I am writing a post about him. Yes I just don't care.

In May it will be a whole year that we got Bubba and it has been a little roller coaster. I had wanted a dog since I was a wee little girl and I finally got one! It was love at first sight. He was such a sweetie and loved cuddling me and definitely loved me more than Jake. We would take him wherever we went and would show him off. My mother in law hated dogs and couldn't believe we got one. We were excited to take on all the responsibilities and money that would go into raising him. He would hate driving in the car. He would sleep with us in our beds. We were in love with our brand new puppy.

Well my my my how the tables have turned since than! Ultimately we still LOVE our dog! He really is like a child to me. I now realize why my mother didn't let me get a dog, it is so hard. and it got very complicated there for awhile with Jake. He still is a sweetie and will come cuddle up to me which I love, but he is also very hyper at certain times of the night. He now DEFINITELY loves Jake way more than me. He loves me but Jake is a god to him, and everyone knows it. We no longer take him everywhere with us. Jake would still like to, I just think its a little overbearing and believe it or not not everyone loves dogs. My mother in law loves him like her own child or more than that. She begs to watch him and thinks every thing he does is adorable. Which feeds into my husbands crazy obsession with him :) We now both realize how hard a dog is and some days don't know why we did it. Some days we say we won't ever do a dog again. He now loves driving in the car and going just about anywhere. He now sleeps downstairs in our family room.

Honestly, I love Bubba, he has taught us a lot! I know he isn't a child but he gave us a little taste of what it will be like. Most days we actually are pretty grateful for him and most days we consider or talk about dog #2. But that may never happen or be long into our future. Even though sometimes Jake and I don't see eye to eye on him and some of our ridiculous fights are over him, we don't ultimately regret our decision to purchase him! He has been a great addition to Jake and mine's life. 


  1. I love Bubba and his massiveness! Ha ha. And I love it how much mom secretly loves him. She gets so excited when he'll come and jump on her. It's so funny! Love your britches!!!

  2. Oh Bubba....I love the lil' guy. From the minute he snuggled me when I first met him I knew we'd be friends.
    I love his sneaky little personality too. I will never forget him stealing Summers red felt circles as she was cutting them out. She looked down and said, "Um...I think your dog is stealing my circles." Sure enough he was over in the corner munchin' on 'em.

  3. Thats exactly how we feel : ) like exactly! except for we got two.... haha we are not as smart as you.