Monday, March 12, 2012

Why do I love you?

Sometimes, I am selfish. I realize this when I read my blog. I feel like I never talk about Jake or say enough about him, and mostly talk about ME! When in reality I did this blog for us. 
So this post is all about the Mr. I am married to!
Yes, it may be mushy.
Yes, it may be cheesy.
Yes, it may be inappropriate...jk (hopefully)
But he sure deserves it.

Let me tell you why:
One day after a long day at work and it being a 12 hour shift, I was excited to come home and relax. But I was not excited to cook dinner. I was even more disappointed to find out that Jake wouldn't be home and I would be alone for the night till late. But much to my surprise I came home to this:
He bought me some delicious Bamboo Hut, put it on a placemat with fork, cup with ice, and my favorite Diet Cherry Pepsi. With a little love note to go with it! It made my night, and it was the simplest thing!

Reason #2:
My sister Kylie called me one night to tell me this amazing deal on the Amazon Kindle's. She said it was only  $99 for it and it came with keyboard, 3G, and wireless internet. Not to mention all these incredible things it does. Well I told Jake about it, and he said "Sure we can get it...for your birthday or something." Well unfortunately I had to get it before the deal was over. I could tell he really didn't want to budge and definitely did NOT want it. I was really bummed. Well as we were driving home he pulled off the freeway and into a Target parking lot, he told me he wanted me to go inside and get the Kindle cause he knew it would make me happy and that's all he wanted. He said he wanted to support me in my hobbies and passions and this was a pretty good way to show it! 

Reason #3:
Any one that knows Jake knows that (most the time) he is such a sweet and giving guy. That was one of the things I loved about him the most. He always was willing to do whatever it takes to make people happy. Sometimes its not the best thing but most the time it's great. This leads me into kids. Jacob loves kids. (Not in a creepy pedophile way) He has been begging me for a kid since we got married. People always say "When does Jake want kids?" I tend to always reply "Yesterday" Since I have been nannying I have seen a side that I absolutely ADORE. He loves babies, and kids and loves holding them playing with them anything. I am excited for the day I tell him "I'm pregnant" It will be like Christmas on steroids! 
Reason #4
See my groom does REALLY weird things. And at times they are annoying, and embarrasing, I can't help but always love him for it. For example when we go through a Drive-thru the person over the speaker says "What can I get you today?" Without fail every time Jake says something along the lines of "My wife, Jenessa would like..." or "She would like a diet pepsi but she doesn't want coke" As if the people on the speaker know who I am or care who is ordering it! I always laugh! Another funny thing I noticed is Jake when he walks does this thing with his arms where he like raises them and flaps them. It sounds retarted (kinda is) but I think its a cute little quirk. He always tends to analyze....EVERYTHING! Every time we fight he has to explain his point over and over, as if I didn't get it or hear it the first time! But with all these things he makes me laugh and feel super lucky to have him.
Reason #5
He has a bajillion random nicknames for me, that don't make sense to anyone except me and him. 
Honey Butt
Butter Dish
Pussy Cat...
Baby Bear
That's just to name a few. 

Overall, I know I was supposed to marry this guy, cause he is perfect for me! I love him more and more everyday and I'm glad I get to call him mine. I hope he knows just how grateful I am for him!

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