Thursday, March 15, 2012


My sweet cousin, Ashlee tagged me! I have never done this before and I'm feelin accepted into the blogging world! Thanks Ash!

the rules
-Post these rules
-Post a photo and eleven random things about yourself
-Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
-Create eleven new questions for the people you tag
-Contact those you choose and let them know they've been tagged

Eleven Random Things:

1. I Chopped all my hair off TODAY
2. I have this weird thing where my elbows cant touch almost anything
3. I hate Josh Groban
4. I'm naturally brunette, but I look NASTY with it
5. I hate confrontation, even if I get a meal at a restaurant that 
I didn't want I would rather suck it up than deal with the drama of telling them.
6. I'm still afraid of the dark
7. One Headlight- by The Wallflowers is my favorite song
8. I feel most confident about myself when I have done a craft or cooked a meal, 
and it actually looks/tastes good
9. I hate dry skin, on me or anybody I touch, (which would include anybody
 with wet hands touching me, which would make my skin dry)
10. I have another blog, that is only for my eyes which is my journal
11. this may sound rude but I always judge weddings now and still think 
mine is the best! (which is a good thing...kinda)

Questions for me to answer:

1. Happiest moment in my life? Obviously my wedding, but I feel that's so cliche, so another happy moment was when I met Jake. Every time i think about it or talk about it, I get those butterflies of excitement and love! (That was also pretty cliche. What do you do?)
2. Who is the most important person in your life, and tell me about them? Jacob Thomas Frahm, if you refer to the post before you will get an answer :)
3. What is your earliest memory? I feel like their were a ton! But one I can remember was we had this green leather couch that was a sectional. I would jump from one part to another cause their were crocodiles (or so I thought) in certain sections.
4.Dog or Cats? HANDS DOWN DOGS!!! Cats are nasty little devils. I hate them with a fiery passion. Now that I have a dog, my love for them grows deeper
5.What is your dream job? Labor and Delivery Nurse :)
6. If you could back and change anything in your past what would it be? Sure I made mistakes, big ones, but honestly I have learned things from every experience so I don't think I would take anything back! No regrets!
7.If I had a $10,000 shopping spree where would I spend it? and how long would it take me to spend it? Well, if it was for my home, Hobby Lobby, and I could spend that within a couple months. But if its clothes, probably Bohme and I think it would take me one day to a week. I really am fine with any store.
8.What are the most important traits in a man in your opinion? Honesty, humor, and forgiving
9. What's the worst advice you have ever taken? To take college classes while planning a wedding
10. First Kiss Story? I was in 6th grade and I had a boyfriend and we were at his friends house watching a movie when he asked if he could kiss me. I said sure! ahaha great right? I sure loved him!
11. What would you do if you found out the internet was being shut down? A little grateful and stressed  at the same time.

I'm Tagging

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Questions for tagged
1. How many kids did you want before marriage/how many do you want now?
2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
3. What is your dream day?
4. Bacon or French Fries?
5. Is 3D ever worth it?
6. Gerard Butler or Channing Tatum?
7. Greatest Lesson you have learned till now?
8.What is your biggest fear?
9. If you would change your name what would it be?
10. What is your favorite thing about you?
11. Why is Jenessa amazing?


  1. I haven't been tagged in forever! fun!! :) and I know I said it on Facebook, but I have to say it again, I am so in love with your hair!!!! loved your post! check for mine soon.:)

  2. I did the tag! Go check it out. LOVE your hair. I need to see you in person to get the full effect! I'm curious what Jake thought of it?? And I didn't know One Headlight is your favorite song? I love that song too.
    Luvya Jen!!

  3. you are ADORABLE!! loved reading this and i LOVE your hair!