Monday, May 7, 2012

Black Beauty

About a month or two ago, my ghetto car from high school started to make this ticking noise whenever we would drive it. So Jake took it in to get checked out, and after it was all said and done, with all the things that needed to be fixed it would be $1,000+. SO NOT WORTH IT! It's a 98 Toyota Corolla that has 140,000+ miles on it. So we decided back and forth on getting a car, and figured now is a better time than any.

After talking with Jake we decided it would be the smartest to get a small SUV, or crossover. I have wanted an SUV since I graduated high school and I want it for when we start a family. My dream car is the Jeep Commander's. I was trying to convince Jake that now we should buy it, but after some time to think logically it wasn't a good choice. I will be driving to and from SLCC every day or every other day, and most of the things we do are in Orem and living in Lehi, it would be a major gas hog. So we needed a gas efficient yet cute car. After going through all the cars and finding one that best fits our needs, we found her!

I present our Hyundai Santa Fe:

As you can see I am whole heartedly in LOVE! She is a 2009 with 34k on her. She is black with gray cloth interior. She has AWD and tons of cargo space. Also on her steering wheel is buttons for the radio, which I love. She has AM-FM radio along with XM. She has TWO sunglasses holders and lots of cup holders. She has a sports rack and pretty blue lights that light up at night. I love her and she is mine. 
Our friends Stephanie and Spencer own a car dealership and we had asked them to keep there eyes out for a car like this. Well after 3 weeks of nothing I got impatient and we went to a dealership in Lehi and found one that was great, but expensive and didn't have all the things we wanted. We were really close to buying it but decided to think it over for a day or two. Jake called our friends and they said to wait one more week so they could look at auction one more time. Well, they found her on Wednesday and everything about her was wonderful! Were so happy! 

I love how happy we all are
I told Jake I could just drive and drive in this car for days and be happy. I have no complaints thus far. I was a teeny tiny bit sad to trade in "Little Blue". He was my very first car, and treated me real swell. I won't forget how sometimes I would have to give him a pep talk as we went up steep hills or how he just LOVED swerving into snow banks multiple times in the winter.I also love how in order to open my gas tank there was a nail I would use to open it. Or how I would have to put a piece of paper in the air vent to keep it from moving. Little Blue was loved by all my friends and he rode good. When we got married Jake took over little blue for me while I drove his Honda Accord. Even Jake was a little sad to get rid of him, but I won't ever forget "little blue".


  1. Ooohhh she is sleek. I like it! Looks like you have to have babies now. It would be such a shame to waste all of those empty seats.
    I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to blue. I enjoyed decorating her for Valentines Day. I feel like we bonded for a short moment.
    Swing by Cedar City and take me for a spin sometime.

  2. Ah, Little Blue. How we will miss thee.
    Good purchase my friend. Good purchase.

    P.S. your spoiled

    The End.