Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baseball Season

This year was an incredible year for Baseball! It was so fun! My brother and his high school baseball team, The Timpanogos Timberwolves went to State Tournament up in Kearn's this year! Family, friends, and I all got to be apart of this amazing experience!

We first didn't make it into the tournament with a loss, so we ended up having to do a play-in game against Cyprus. With winning that and actually getting to be in the tournament, the boys shaped up and played hard!

Our next game was against Maple Mtn. We battled hard but lost to them and ended up having to be in the loser's bracket.

Than it was up to Kearn's to battle through the loser's bracket we had 8 games to conquer in order to win the State Championship. We were on a roll, we kept winning and winning and kept getting more and more fans. It was awesome!

We finally got to the end and we had to win two games against Skyline, they had been undefeated. We played the first 5 innings with 12 to 1 and beat them. It felt so good! We were so excited to kill them in the second game and couldn't believe it was one last game till we were champions!

My sister and I even made shirts and pins for the occasion. It was so exciting. We got to the last game and for 6 of the 7 innings we were ahead by one run or more, than came the 7th inning and unfortunately Skyline was the home team so they were up to bat last. They tied it with one run so the score was 7-7 we played 3 more innings and unfortunately Skyline won by one point. It was so upsetting. But, we battled so hard. I was so proud of all the boys. The disappointment on their faces were heart wrenching. I have never been more proud of my brother and the team. It was sad to lose to a team like Skyline. But such an amazing game. Luckily my brother was chosen as one of eight in the whole tournament as a All-Star Player. Plus 3 colleges were already asking him about him and he is only a Junior! I can't wait to see what Colin's life has in store for him! He is such an incredible kid!

{You can read a great article and w/ full details about the game Here)

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