Sunday, May 13, 2012

The woman that birthed me {my mom}

Happy Mother's day to all you women out there! Mostly to the one's who have children. And of course my wonderful mother Jackie Ann. For without her, I would not be here (literally). So let's get down to the cliche and post a post all about her! Not only because it tis mother's day, but because her birthday is also this Thursday. She turns 28!

Where do I begin? This woman is incredible. She has raised 5 children, 4 of them being girls. All of us, raised and living in the gospel. All of us extremely close and tight knit. She also worked for 20 of those years and she managed to make our lives incredible. She is one of my best friends. My mom is my confidant, someone I would turn to and tell everything to. 

My mom is also such a determined person. I'm just like her in the fact once she has her thoughts set on something, there is nothing from stopping her. In the last couple years she has lost a ton of weight and runs like a mad woman! She is amazing! I hope to be as in shape as she is at her age. She looks dang good!

She is a fashionista. This woman has more style and grace than anybody I know. Anything she buys or gives to me can always be complimented on. People are always looking to her for fashion and decorating advice. She has a knack for it. It's pathetic when your mother looks cuter than you almost everyday. 

Jackie, is everyone's friend. Another incredible quality I look up to my mom for is her way to be kind and friendly to almost anybody. Sure she has some bite to her, but honestly people are always saying she is the most loyal and incredible friend. I know from experience. She has this way to see the good in almost anyone. I think she is very "Christ like" in that sense. Her sweet and quiet spirit is one that I have always been in a way jealous of. 

I have always said I would like to get my mom drunk, just to see what she would be like. Cause honestly I think she would be hilarious. My mom doesn't know this but she has these little quirks that make her comical. After, you get my mom giggling it is not too long that you are on the floor laughing for the funny things she does. She hides it, but every so often her "crazy" version comes out. 

My mom may or may not know this, but I look up to her SO much. She is everything I hope to be and more. I love her and cannot say enough how grateful I am for the woman she has made me. I am grateful for everyday I have her in my life, I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I may be biased, but I truly have the best mom in the world! I love you MOM!


  1. That was so touching, seriously it made me cry!! I love you so much!!

  2. That was well said. I couldn't have said it better myself. Ditto to everything you mentioned! :-)

  3. You do have a super mom!!! Love her!