Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza!

Well, this little lady here turned 20 on the 25th of April. Now many of you say/think that it's not a big deal to turn twenty it's not even one of the "big years". But to me it was a big deal.

To me it was a chance to say I was no longer a teenager. To me it was to say I am 20 AND married. Not 19 AND married. To me I am now in my 20's and in the same "category" as 80% of the people I hang out with. But like I said people around me thought it wasn't a big deal. So at the beginning of April I would hint to Jake about having a surprise party. (cause let's be honest do you think he would ever come up with this brilliant idea on his own?) Than I dropped it and brought it up again two weeks before my birthday. But he quickly shot me down. I tried snooping through his phone to see, but he was too smart for me and deleted all his texts.

Anyways, a week before my birthday, my sister Jamie, text me and asked me to watch her kids Monday night so she could go up to SLC. I agreed and told Jake our plans. Well, as the week went on, I was so sad. I thought this was going to be the lamest birthday ever and we weren't going to be doing anything. Well Monday came and just as we were going to my sisters house I was going on and on about how depressed I was about this birthday. Well we get to my sisters house, and I notice he is being really fishy. He pulled up to the front door when we normally go in the back, he insisted we go in THROUGH the front door. As we walk in I see my nephew Hunter and I say "Hi Hunter!" he responds, "Oh everyone is in the backyard" hahaha instantly I knew something was up. So I walked out there to "SUPRISE." I was fooled up until we pulled up, but none the less, my husband (mostly my sisters) had pulled off a surprise party for me under my nose. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I had my close friends and family there and it was SO FUN! Unfortunately I didn't think to bring my camera so all the pictures are on my sisters camera that I have yet to receive.

But I am happy to report my hubbie got me my CRICUT! I am one happy girl!

Well the next day Tuesday, I started to cry again...I was so upset that on my ACTUAL birthday, I had no plans, Zero! My husband didn't think this was a big deal. I however did. So I text my mom, my friends, and I knew my sisters were going out to lunch with me on Thursday. So I didn't want to bug them. So I was going to be all alone. Well we went to bed that night at 10:30, and I was in hysterics. (this is common for me)

The next morning (my actual birthday) Jake woke me up at 5 and was trying to comfort me from last night. He had to leave for work at 7 so he couldn't spend the day with me. When all the sudden a light bulb went off, and Jake suggested he take me out to breakfast. Right at that very moment. So we did just that, hopped in the car for Denny's and had a birthday breakfast.
Drive to there
Lookin good at 5:30 am

We were able to get our bill half off! It was amaz-ing! Naturally I went home and curled right back into bed. I woke up at 9 and had received a birthday text from my dad, asking me if he could take me to lunch! OF course he could take me to lunch! So we met up at 11:45 at my favorite place...HAPPY SUMO! It was delish, and I felt like the old times. When I came out of there, my friend Naomi and Kelly text me to meet them at BYU, we went to this cute little place called "The Awful Waffle", I didn't partake  but it looked AMAZING! Than, Naomi asked what my little heart desired to do, I suggested Color Me Mine. Love it! 

I decided to do a Chevron Cookie Jar, that after spending 6 hrs. on it already, STILL isn't done. Naomi brought in a tea pot, from 2 years ago. It was so fun, I could live at Color Me Mine. Or at least go there once a week.

I ended this fantastic day, with dinner at Milagros with my darling man, followed by a movie to "The Lucky One". (Incredible!!!!!) and than came home to a vase with gorgeous flowers in them. Hmm I would say I'm the lucky one! 

I want to say, I was surely a big spoiled brat, and I shouldn't have been. Cause every year my husband works REALLY hard to make me happy and he ALWAYS pulls it off. I really am one lucky girl, and want to say THANKS to all who made my day special!


  1. I'm glad you admitted to being a spoiled brat so I didn't have to say it! :-)

    (No... but really.)

    Okay, enough of the teasing. I promise you will get your birthday pics.... soon.
    Glad you had a great birthday!

  2. Ok now that your 20, time to swallow reality... I hate to be the one to tell you but... sorry sister, as you get older the less of a big deal birthdays are!
    Don't worry though, someday you will have kids and you can be crazy like me and live vicariously by going all out for their birthdays!