Sunday, July 1, 2012

End of June

This last week of June, was more about getting errands and things I needed done. But of course I left time for some awesomeness!

Monday June 25th: 

On Monday I made plans to go out to lunch with my good friend from Junior high/high school Afton. Afton, her baby, and I all met up at Zupa's for some delicious food. I unfortunately didn't get a picture. It was good to catch up on each other's lives. After I went to pick Bubba up from the boarding place we left him while we went to Park City. He got all groomed and looked so cute. That night Jake and I grilled and had amazing hamburgers.

Tuesday June 26th: 

Tuesday, I went to my sisters condo pool for about 3 hours and soaked up the sun with some friends. I than went home and ACTUALLY cleaned my house. Our friends Dave and Amie asked if we wanted to go with them to the Lehi City "Cattle Drive" and to grab dinner. We ate some food than went to go wait for the cattle drive, which we had NO idea what it was or what to expect. Anyways, we were sitting there and heard a marching band, so we thought it was a parade of some sort. Than random people passed by on horses and buggies waving. I was talking to Amie and looked back at the road and all the sudden there was a herd of cattle. They came and went in under 5 seconds and THAT my friends was the "cattle drive". Still don't really understand it but whatev's!

Wednesday June 27th:

Wednesday was a busy day. I cleaned a wee bit more. Had visiting teachers. Went to Wal-mart. Price matched. Bought random shiz. Came home. Unloaded food. Went to a Dr's appt. Came home. Watched a show. Decorated my stairs. Met up with Ashlee. This is my darling dear cousin Ashlee. We are 4 months apart. All growing up we never got along, but neither of us knew why. When we were graduating high school we at least would start talking to each other. Than I got married and 4 months later she got married. We  talked a little bit more. A few months ago we started messaging each other and realized we were alike in SO many ways. Through that we have become really close. It makes me sad we have lost 18+ years of not talking. Anyways...we met up for dinner and had a little girls night. It was quite an adventure. We went to Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, Carwash, My house, and Wal-mart again! Glad this girl is in my life!! Don't know what I would do without her!

Thursday June 28th:

This day was all spent making freezer jam. I went over to my sister Jamie's with my strawberries and pectin and between her, Kylie, and myself we whipped out 35 jars/containers of Jam. We made strawberry, raspberry, sugar free strawberry, and all of our favorite strawberry blueberry! It is so good! The best part is, it tastes better than store bought and it will last between Jake and I forever! 

Friday June 29th: 

I worked all day on Friday :( but Jake and me had talked about this idea of ordering this certain meal at Olive Garden so Jake said we should try it out. Unfortunately I didn't leave work until 7:15 when I am supposed to get off at 6:00 so we had to eat a late dinner. But our waiter was AWESOME. We did this meal thing they have thats 2 for $25 so worth it! We got salad, bread, two entrees, and a dessert. Can I just tell you there Zeppoli's are to DIE FOR!! I had never tried them till that night and I was in love! Our waited also made us some awesome Origami, cause he loved us!

Saturday June 30th:

If you can't see that time it says 12:49 am. That is the time I drove away from my sisters house last night. I worked all day and was so tired. So Jake and I went and grabbed some BBQ grub at a place in Saratoga called Sean's Steakhouse. It was pretty good! During that time my sister Jamie text me for a game night with my other sisters. Once I got there we chatted. It was so good for all of us. We got there at 9 and didn't even end up playing games till 11 or 12. It was much needed!

It's extremely sad to me that June is over. I have so much I need to do before summer is over and I feel super overwhelmed. I only have two months to do all the things I need! Ahhh! But June was a great start to 2012 summer!

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  1. Aww! I feel so special, and loved, and you know ... all of that. I'm SO glad we're such good friends! You definitely complete my little life!