Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beginning of a new month

It's July! So much has been going! I love how busy life is! July has already been great and it's just beginning.

Sunday July 1st:

It was my cute little neice, Gracie's 4th birthday. We celebrated it little mermaid style at her house. We had amazing food and dessert. It was awesome! This little girl is such a joy. She is always so complimentive and sweet. Don't get me wrong she can be a stinker but I love her so much! Don't know what I would do without my "Grace Girl"

Monday July 2nd: 

Another day of slaving away, at the old Hospital. But to make my day a little better, I got free movie tickets. We have this incentive program at my work called "High Five". They started the program to encourage us to be better staff members to the patients in the hospital (not that we sucked but just to push us that extra mile). You get prizes if you get tokens or a "High five" note card. Since I have mostly worked as a secretary instead of a PCT its harder to get tokens from patients. But lo and behold I finally got five tokens and I won us some free movie tickets! SCORE!! Also that night it just so happened all of us "Schroeppel Sisters" needed our hair done so we all had a little hair fest and got our hair done! BOOYEAH!

Tuesday July 3rd:

This day was actually very fun for we Frahm's. Since Jake has been at his new job, he has talked about me meeting people, unfortunately his job is all the way in West Valley, and kind of a drive. Well it just so happened I HAD to drive up to Salt Lake to go figure things out with SLCC when we decided to make a date out of it! We met up at his work where he introduced me to everyone, than headed down the street for these amazing sandwiches from a place called "Grinders". It was delish. We than drove around and talked and he showed me the area. I later went to SLCC and got lost on Redwood Road. Finally found my way home. Cooked some dins and decided we have failed this Summer at getting my favorite treat...SNOW CONES. We went out THAT night and found a cute/cheap stand with deliciousness. We were happy kiddo's.

Wednesday July 4th:

This is one of my favorite Holidays, next to Christmas. Sadly, I had to spend it at work. :( But I was not about to let that ruin it! A couple gals and I ordered out some Kneaders Breakfast. And it didn't disappoint. It was a perfect filler for what I was missing! We had our annual BBQ at my sister Jamie's house. Complete with a swimming pool and Volleyball. It was how I love to enjoy the 4th. We of course ended it with fireworks. They were mostly ground fireworks this year. But still fun to have. I loved playing with my neices and nephews and seeing how they watched the fireworks!

Thursday July 5th:

Thursday was VERY rainy. I had every intention of cleaning my house. But when my sister asks if I want to go to Bajio to get there salad on a day when its cheaper than normal, I have to jump at the chance. After we grabbed some Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins. It was fun. That night was Bunco night, which is ALWAYS a highlight of my week! Even if I lose! You can check out our Bunco Blog here.

Friday July 6th:

This was a 7peaks day! A friend from work has days off rarely so we took this opportunity to go swim and layout together. It was PERFECT. We would switch off from the wave pool to the lazy river! Lame, but so relaxing! That night was date night. We decided on Chili's cause of there dessert obviously. After we hit up the movies (with my free tickets obvs). We went and saw Spider man which was SO good. I didn't want to go and I actually like it a lot!  Perfect Friday night with my love!

Saturday July 7th: 

On Saturday we had an extremely BUSY day. All day was filled with Baptims. My nephew Easton was baptized at 10 and after that Jake's cousin Ashlee was baptized at 4. We were exhausted by the time we got home! It was so amazing though to feel the spirit like that. I kept thinking of my baptism day, and than about the decision these kids were making, and than about our children some day. So happy I could be part of both these kids' day.

Sunday July 8th: 

Today I worked and it was INCREDIBLY SLOW!! Luckily I had my best friend with me. Her name is Kindle. And I love her. She goes with me everywhere and we are in love. I have loved reading lately. I can't put my kindle down. Lately I have been reading...wait for it...yes...50 Shades of Grey. It's actually been a good read. Anyways... first week of July down and accomplished and I would say it was pretty darn good!

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