Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cutest wreath Ever and the week of BIRTHDAYS!

Monday July 9th: 

Monday, was a very slow and "do absolutely nothing" kind of day. That night when Jake came home we went for a bike ride and than came home and Jake cooked us dinner. Which I will never argue to. (even if it is JUST grilled cheese sandwiches). After we went out for dessert to get an Artic Circle shake!

Tuesday July 10th: 

On Tuesday I picked up a shift at work from 6-12, after my sister told me I should meet them at the pool, I didn't have my swimsuit though so I went in clothes...BIG mistake. It was 103 degrees and I was soaked within minutes. So I stayed for 40 minutes and left. After I went shopping for my sisters b-day gift. That day I got a little inspiration and painted my nails after an idea I saw on Pinterest. To end the day we crawled in bed and up came Jake with two otter pops. Yes, we were in bed, and yes it was past 10 pm. 

Wednesday, July 11: 

I worked on Wednesday also, but that night my hubbie was going to be playing ball till late, and I thought it was a perfect night for crafts or girls night. So I combined them! I invited my cousin Ashlee over to make these ADORABLE wreaths. We had dinner together and started on this craft that lasted till 1:30 am! When she arrived I realized we both were wearing dresses that were black and blue! Love this girl! Always a good time with her!

Thursday July 12:

On the 12th it was my sister's Amy's 29th birthday! She was leaving out of town that night, so as sister's we celebrated her birthday by going out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and shopping afterwards. Very fun! That night Jake's brother in law came into town from Denver. We took our pass of all passes to Trafalga and played some mini golf. The boy in the picture is a kid from our ward who is less active and doesn't have the best home atmosphere. The past week he has been like an adopted son to us. 

Friday July 13th: 

As I said my sister went out of town so on Friday I watched her kiddo's for the day. Her little girl Gracie was being SO cute and asked me if we could do her make up. So while I got ready I let her play with my make up brushes. Than I started doing my hair, so of course we had to curl her hair. Than she saw my sparkly nail polish, and than we had to paint her nails. I didn't mind one bit! Made me really excited to have little girls! Than of course Cooper was being a good little boy on my bed drinking his bottle! That night was my niece Mia's 2nd birthday! This darling little gal has been the only grandchild that was born by herself without any cousins and it has been such a joy to enjoy her! We gave her a cute little outfit and a baby doll and she loved it!

Saturday, July 14:

This was a great Saturday! I woke up late, than got ready and went to get my nails done with my mother and sister. Than me and the husband met up with my brother in law before he left back to Denver for all you can eat Sushi. I'm already craving it again! Jake and I went home and met up with Nick (our adopted son) and grabbed dinner and a movie!

Sunday, July 15th:

Today was chill, Church, Primary lesson for Sharing time, home, nap. Made Jake's favorite dinner: Chicken poppyseed casserole, Nick also came over for dinner. We than ended the night with my favorite movie, Titanic. Perfect Sunday!

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