Monday, July 30, 2012

Long, Hot Summer

Sadly the Summer is dwindling to a close :( I'm a little bit sad but also kinda glad. Keep in mind I'm a big ol weirdo, but I don't love summer. I like it enough but not completely sold. In fact (keep in mind this could be the crazy talk) you know how people get depressed in the winter cause of the weather I feel like i get that way in the summer. This last week I was sure feeling this way (but I was also on my period so...) anyways here is my previous week!

Monday, July 23:
I decided to be like York and have a double chin

Monday has been dubbed as cleaning day! I don't like it, but that's how it happens! It was really nice to enjoy a clean house all week! So I guess I will stick with it! I also took Lisa and her new little family some dinner! It was Jake's first time meeting York, and he was loving it! Can't wait to have a family with this guy! I also tested out another new recipe! It was Doritos Chicken. It was definitely fun and different! Overall Verdict: Good!

Tuesday, July 24:

This morning, the Bunco girls and I went out to Breakfast for my sister Kylie's B-day, at Guru's. Later I came home and decided it was a movie kinda day. Jake, Nick, and I went to Batman. Of course my camera died right as I pulled it out, so  I snapped that pic on my phone, which is obviously high quality! Later we went to a BBQ for my grandpa's B-day and the holiday with the WHOLE "Schroeppel clan"! 

Wednesday, July 25:

Wednesday was swimming day! I went to my sister's condo pool for 2 hrs and got ZERO sunlight :(. Later that day I was talking to Jake and I hear him start laughing, so I asked him what's up? He comes in to show me his ridiculous outfit! We both just started cracking up! I also tried Crock Pot Chicken Taco's. Verdict: AMA-ZING! Maybe it was cause I felt good about doing this meal but I loved it more than any chicken taco I have ever had!

Thursday, July 26:

Watched these cuties, while their parents went to Trek. It was so fun, tiring, enlightening, and eventful! Got the kids up, fed them breakfast, got them ready, and headed out. We went to the mall to get Kylie a gift and go to the "Play Tree". The mall was hard but worth it! Went home put Mia down for a nap, went to my place so the kids could play with Bubba! Came back grabbed dinner, kids went to the neighbors. Came home bathed and did bedtime routine. I crashed fast as well! 

Friday, July 27th:

I had to make some moolah, so I worked the day away after a 9 day break! It was an extremely crazy day so I didn't get off work till 7:30!! We grabbed a late dinner at Winger's topped off with FREE asphalt pie! MMMM. We went home and both hit the pillow early! Lame yet simple Friday night!

Saturday, July 28:

Jake promised Nick a few days ago, we could go to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner! I supported this decision, some times that place is nasty, and this night it wasn't awful! It was a ton of fun and we all went home to enjoy the movie. At 11:00 is when I started to get sharp shoulder pain. Than at midnight I started crying cause it really hurt. Jake gave me a blessing and we found a position that was comfortable.

Sunday, July 29:

I woke up Sunday morning and was still in a lot of pain, but needed to go do my calling, so by the time church got out at 2 I was in severe pain, and sobbing. I felt stupid to go to the ER but after dealing with it for another Jake convinced me to go to the InstaCare. At 4:30 I came out of there with a shot in my hip, some REALLY nasty, an arm sling, two pain med prescriptions, and a diagnose of Tendinitis in my shoulder :(. We went and got my Prescriptions and head out the door for my neice's Birthday Party! She was the last of the Trio to turn 4, and she got her favorite things: clothes, shoes, and a new bike! Overall it made for an interesting Sunday!

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