Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm an AUNT (again)

This week was busy busy! Let's start from the beginning!

Monday, July 16:

One of my best friends, Lisa and her husband Casey had their first little boy! His name is York Arlo Walker and he is 9 lbs and 20 inches. Lisa is the first of our friends to have a baby and we couldn't be more excited for her! Her baby is so cute and sweet!

Tuesday, July 17:

This day was a Shitastic day. I was at work, which was fine. But I was working with a certain co-worker that I REALLY struggle with, and most days I can handle her. But today she was being EXTRA awesome *please note the heavy sarcasm. We got into this conversation about the environment and how I'm not that good about being friendly to it, long story short she called me a selfish person and it went all down hill from there. There were multiple comments throughout the day that by the end of my shift I wanted to cry or scream or go batshitcrazy on this lady! Instead I came home to my husband who had a 44oz diet Pepsi and a chocolate doughnut. Needless to say, he's my world and I love him!

Wednesday, July 18:

Another day of working, and Jake cooking, if you couldn't tell his cooking is Costa Vida. Which I NEVER complain about!! 

Thursday, July 19:

As of recently I have wanted to be this amazing Betty Crocker type of woman, and than I made my menu board so I really wanted to cook things to put on there. So I took the challenge to cook something from either my recipe books I got from our wedding, the recipes I got from our wedding or Pinterest. Just so I could have an array of food ideas and not the same old meals over and over again. This was inspired via Pinterest. It was fairly easy and sounded delicious. Overall: Jake enjoyed it. I liked it, but didn't love it. There was something about it that wasn't THAT great. So I probably won't make it again, but I am so happy I tried something new!

Friday, July 20:

I watched my friends little girl, while she went to the Dentist. She is almost one and is busy as ever! I left her alone for TWO seconds to get her baby food and came back to her playing with Bubba's dog food bowls! She was a crack up. Then it was lunch time and I didn't have a high chair so I sat her on my table and held her while I fed her. The outcome is me spilling the baby food on myself 4x. Yes 4! Earlier that morning my new car, would struggle starting and would make this weird noise so we took it in to get fixed. I was so bummed that it was already needing to be fixed. Turns out the battery was almost dead and it's one of those run of the mill type things. Either way we had to fork out 130 bucks for it!

Saturday, July 21:

Saturday was very busy! We got up early, and headed for Provo to buy a new dishwasher. Our's broke almost a YEAR ago! It's just a stupid purchase and we have bought other things before it, so it's been on the back burner. But I am sick of it, but lo and behold we left RC Willy outlet store with no dishwasher! Go figure! We than went on a much needed Costco run. Than to Target. I had a baby shower right after too! When I got home we went and grabbed some Wendy's than headed to Trafalga for some Lazer tag, we than used a gift card I had for some Frozen Yogurt! It was delicious. Good day indeed!

Sunday, July 22:
Today was great. We went to church and than came home and did our nap routine. After we went to my in law's for a BBQ. It was very quiet and fun! We came home and went house shopping. Okay not really. But this has a story along with it so be prepared. This last week Jake and my mom were talking about the future. They got on the subject of houses and Jake said he would want to buy a house soon, like the next couple years. I was thinking we would save lots and than buys one 7+ years from now and have a few kids in our town home. WELL, my mom was saying how right now it's the "Buyers Market" for housing, and it made Jake get this bee in his bonnet. He started talking about buying one of the houses in our area that was just built and what not. But I didn't like any of the new ones. Anyways there is this house in our neighborhood that has been built for awhile, and I never thought anything of it, but Nick told me its really nice on the inside, so I went and looked at the windows and it looked pretty cute, plus the yard is HUGE! So I was intrigued. Well, tonight I wanted to go look at it again, cause I have been stressing about when the right time to buy a house is. So we "happened" to find a window that was opened and we unlocked the door and walked inside. I LOVED it! (Trust me this isn't my first illegal stunt ;)) The point of the story is now Jake wants to call our Realtor, and see the background and if we can afford it! I'M NOT SAYING ITS GOING TO HAPPEN, but if I tell you I am moving in the future, don't act surprised. 

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  1. la la LOVE your weekly updates. I think you have a pretty awesome husband to go along with your pretty awesome self. :) luvya!