Sunday, November 4, 2012

And I'm {Thankful}

Since I decorate for Thanksgiving Christmas on Nov 1st. people freak out and say I forget all about Thanksgiving. But to me Thanksgiving is all wrapped into Christmas, and I don't need a holiday to be thankful for the wonderful blessings in my life. But I will tell you 22 things I am thankful for (since there are 22 days of thanksgiving this month).

1. Obviously, my one and only Jakey! I am so onery, hormonal, and emotional already but then add in some more hormones and I'm just a ball of fun. Yet, this man still likes loves me. And tells me everyday. I start to think about my life without him and I have to stop cause it just isn't possible.
2. The gospel. Woah! Even just thinking about this one lately and my savior gets me all teary. I can't express how grateful I am to have a testimony and to be living it!
3. My family. They are the ones that I can always count on and love!
4. My beautiful home. Sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to start out in a marriage in a HOME! and it's spacious and beautiful and a place to call our own
5. My job. I am glad neither Jake nor I are jobless right now. Plus, my husband literally is in LOVE with his job and its the thing he talks about most. And if I had to stop working (heaven forbid) we would be just fine just on his income and that brings comfort to the both of us.
6. The health of me and loved ones. Knock on wood, no one in my family or friends is suffering from an illness or dying or having anything majorly wrong with their health. That's something I need to be thankful for everyday.
7. My cute car. I love her. Enough to put her on my list of thankfulness
8. Modern day medicine and doctors. With everything going on I am happy there are people out there that know what they are doing
9. My talents. The ones I do have now, are such a blessing in my life, and the ones I will someday possess.
10. My friendships. When I just need a moment to break away from my husband I have many I can call and rely on.
11. SLCC. I know that's so dumb. But I have not had a SINGLE bad thing to say about this place, it is the only school that I honestly feel could help me with my dream to become a Nurse.
12. The weather. I love the cold and snow, plus I am grateful to live in Utah were we don't suffer from Hurricanes or tsunamis. I can't imagine what they are going through.
13. The priesthood, I love the fact that I can call upon my husband at any moment for a blessing
14. The holiday season, it makes me all warm and happy inside than normal
15. (Also something silly to be grateful for) Technology. Now that I have an iphone my life is 10x easier
16. hahaha my favorite online place ever
17. Grateful for Vampire Diaries...
18. Grateful for food. We can afford it and enjoy going out, which seems silly but is a big deal
19. The clothes in my closet. Not only that I have it, but somedays it boosts my confidence
20. The temple, that literally I could go to at the drop of a hat.
21. The scriptures. Nuff said
22. Everything else in my life I forgot to mention

Also, here are pictures from Halloween:

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  1. You are adorable. I am also thankful for the vampire diaries haha.