Monday, November 12, 2012

How we do Christmas

As I said earlier Christmas is my favorite holiday out there! I start decorating November first and I seem to buy up until the actual day, whether it's presents or decorations. This year was no different. I am still buying cause it's a serious sickness I have. But I kid you not I want a house that during Christmas time you walk in and think WOAH! It's Christmas! Think what you will of that! So I will share what Christmas has already brought this year in addition from last year.

These were all purchases this year, ^^ well the tree is just decorated purchases. 
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to have homemade stockings with our name on them. Well last year was mine and Jake's first Christmas as a married couple and I didn't think I could ever do it so it never happened. Well a couple of weeks ago I was at work and I saw one of our Pharmacists sewing a stocking and she showed me everything and explained it all to me and told me how easy it was. Well I ordered the kits and got really excited!! But after cutting out over a hundred pieces and seeing over 200 sequins on just one stocking I got a little disheartened. But I pushed through (mostly cause Jake would be PISSED if I wasted money on these) after I got the hang of it, it isn't that bad. Just time consuming. But I know I will be so happy once they are done! Pictures to come!!

I saw this present stacking idea on pinterest that was adorable. So when I found Hobby Lobby had boxes in every different size I was thrilled. I did mine a little different but I am in complete LOVE with how mine turned out! I also love my little "Holly Jolly" sign! 
This is my advent calendar I made last year and my cute little "tree saying"
My "Joy" turned out so cute! even though people keep asking why we had just a J and a Y. They didn't get it. But I DO! and thats all that matters ;)
This is one of my favorites this year!! My wrapped mirror and candy cane candles. I was going to go a different route and take the mirror down completely but I am SO glad I did this instead. Its just fun and so easy. Plus I want to show off my darling ribbon!

I love Christmas! 

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