Thursday, November 29, 2012

The two week wait

On Tuesday I went in for my ultrasound to determine how my follicles were and if they were functioning normally enough to burst and release an egg. I didn't realize at first thing was going to be a vaginal ultrasound but luckily that morning I text my friend who had to go through this and she confirmed my fears. As much as those people have seen my "whoo ha" I will never get over the invasion. Anyways... what their looking for is 1-2 follicles that are the size of 2 cm by the time you ovulate. I went in 3 days before I am technically supposed to ovulate and I had a few in there but I had 2 really good ones. They each were right on track with how they should measure and grow by the time I ovulate. So I was happy. I'm normal! It's funny/annoying cause every time I go in for an appointment and I am not pregnant, they always ask if my husbands been tested. And every time I tell them "Yes, he was normal." They respond with "well your just the perfect candidate for getting pregnant." Really? That's awesome! Then why isn't it happening? But honestly that does make me grateful, cause I don't have any major problems thus far. And I knew going into this that there was 40% chance its me, 40% its Jake, and a 20% there is no reason. I believe cause its god's will. Its just not easy giving in to it :)
So today, I went in and they injected into my stomach some good ol' HCG. The nurse than said "Now go home and have LOTS of sex for the next 24-48 hrs. But don't take a pregnancy test for the next two weeks or you will get a false positive." So its exciting that are chances are a little more increased this month!

As of right this moment, I feel pretty good. Compared to last 3 months I feel like I'm soaring! I have been trying not to think about it, or stress about it, and just go with the flow. Some moments its really hard not to. But after we started round 3 of chlomid, I decided I didn't think I could take much more of this medication. I started to think in my head that I wanted to take a little "trying to get pregnant vacation". I was nervous to tell Jake cause he is the one who wants to shoot for a baby by a certain age. But I brought up my thoughts to him and he completely agreed. I am sure this is taking a toll on him just as much as me! Poor guy! So after this month if our Eggo is not preggo we are taking a vacation. Literally and figuratively. I keep going back and forth with this decision but its like 80% a good idea and 20% I feel like I am giving up too soon. But with Christmas around the corner, a cruise, and just life in general I think it would be good! And who knows they say when you stop stressing it happens! But we will pick up the peices again in February or later. For now, we have a two week wait till Aunt Flo comes and gives us news!


  1. I really hope Aunt Flo doesn't come...she's really ticking me off lately. So I guess I shouldn't be calling or texting you in the next 24-46 hours huh? Good luck! Make babies and reduce your stress. I vote yes for the vacation. Sometimes that's exactly what the mind and body needs. Love you girl!

  2. Fingers crossed, sis! I keep puttin in an order with the big guy upstairs. I got your back sis! Good luck. Love you!!