Monday, November 26, 2012

Wait..Thanksgiving already happened?

This year for Thanksgiving I worked. LAME!! But I was okay with it at first cause that meant I wouldn't have to work any other holidays. So I accepted it. Plus I was excited with who I got to work with! But as the day got closer and closer I was sad I wasn't going to be home for Thanksgiving. I bought some delicious pies from Kneaders! I sent Jake with two and took one to work! They were definitely a hit.
That day I went in and I worked with my good friend Jenna, and than my friend Summer was a PCT. So I had good people all around me. The hospital was also nice enough to provide us with a Thanksgiving meal that was free. 
Finally my shift came to an end and I was STOKED to get home to my family and enjoy some Thanksgiving time with them. But I walked in the door later than expected and my mom and sisters were ready to go Black Friday shopping. I wasn't that hungry so I changed and we were off! Later on I was really bummed that I didn't enjoy my thanksgiving as much as I wanted. I kept telling Jake, I felt like I skipped over Thanksgiving this year :( I am pretty sad about it. 

Any who, one of my favorite things after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. I love to map out where were going, what deals were going to get and how far we will go to get them. Our stops were as follows: Old Navy, from 7 to 8, Walmart from 8-10:30, my moms house for a potty break till 11. Del Taco at 11:30 along with Maverick drink stop. Kohl's from midnight till 2. Charlotte Russe from 2-3. Express from 3-3:30. Del taco again. Dropping everyone off till 4:30. I hit my head on the pillow at 5 am. It may be crazy but I love it and it is so worth it! Luckily my hubbie let me sleep in till 12 pm the next day. ha

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