Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ash Man

I really try hard not to let this pregnancy consume my life. But I feel like it has consumed my blog and I wanted to talk about the other man in my life...Ashton.

He is just growing up so fast and becoming this little man. He is two and half will be three in a few months. He talks so much and is repeating EVERYTHING we say. He is putting all these sentences together. Him and I have full on conversations all the time and I love it and hate that he is this grown up already. 

Two weeks ago my in laws gave us a spare bed so we figured no time like the present to convert him into a "big boy" bed. He felt so proud. He does pretty good. We had to start to put him to bed earlier cause he was getting up at the butt crack of dawn! But now we have it all set and he does so good and loves it!

He is literally one of my best buddies. He is at a hard stage but also such a fun one. We go everywhere together and he loves to play swords and baseball but at the same time he loves to put on head bands and put on makeup because that's what mom does. I think its hilarious. When I start to get ready for the day he always walks in my bathroom and goes "Where we going mom?" and I tell him our plans for the day, and over the next couple hours he will talk about said plans. haha

When I talk about the bad this is what I mean...terrible twos. The tantrums are REAL and they are brutal. If he hasn't slept long enough, is bored, is hungry, is told no, is just hating life in general this happens. I have gotten better at handling it. It was rough at first. But I try to remember that this phase is short and he won't be little forever. And maybe...just maybe I might even miss the tantrums.

He loves BOTH Jake and I to put him to bed. He requires at least ONE bed time story and ONE song. He is obsessed with Goldilocks and with the Three pigs. And his favorite bedtime song is "Kitty in a Basket" he sings right along and its the cutest thing ever. The other day we we're saying goodnight prayers. Usually I coach him along then all the sudden he said "dant you cookies" (thank you for cookies) and "bess mawk and weswe" (bless mark and leslee). It was adorable. 

Still my snuggle bug. I get cuddles when I sit next to him during movies he snuggles and almost every Sunday during church I get him to snuggle. I enjoy it while I can.

I adore this boy with all my heart. He made me a mom and is my best friend. He is going to be such an incredible big brother. He is already so sweet about "Baby Boston". I love being a stay at home mom to him and am so lucky god placed this angel in our lives. I am blessed every day to call him mine. Love you SO much Ashton Mark

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