Monday, March 30, 2015

29 Weeks and LARGE

How far along? 29 weeks and 5 days

Weight gain? 23 lbs which I was kinda worried about. But I am actually fairly happy with that

Maternity Clothes? So grateful to have three older sisters who have stocked up on maternity clothes over the years so I can have some clothes to wear. 

Stretch marks? I got my first TWO like the day I turned 29 weeks, and I was actually excited about them

Sleep? If I go to bed exhausted, I can usually sleep fairly good. But most the time its rough

Best moment this week? Had a quick getaway with Ashton down to St. George, got to soak up some sun and pool time

Miss anything? Uhm, feeling comfortable. I am slowly getting to the point where I want my body back

Cravings? Back to Fries and Salad 

Any Aversions?I just avoid things that make me sick, like chick fil a, and cheese

Showing? I am feeling HUGE! But it is what it is. I am pregnant people!

Belly button in or out? Out, and I play with it cause its so weird to me

Wedding ring on or off? :( its coming time that its getting a little tight. But not just yet

Happy or Moody?Last thursday I was so emotional. But other then that  I have done good

Looking forward to? Conference Weekend, Hubbies Bday, and Easter

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