Thursday, May 14, 2015

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks and 1 day

Weight gain? 39 lbs. straight up baby I aint ashamed 

Measuring at? I only measured one week ahead this week. So measuring at 37 which isn't uncommon 

Sleep? I am pretty tired all the time now, so thats good. But I wake up to pee at least twice and then last night I had bad braxton hicks that they kept me awake for awhile. I overdid the day before.

Best moment this week? My drs appt. I got news that I am 50% effaced, which honestly I thought they we're just going to tell me my cervix was welded shut haha

Miss anything? Having normal hormones. Especially now that we're at the end Im a wreck

Cravings? Watermelon. Milkshakes. But I only gave into the watermelon and I was so proud

Any Aversions? Not this week...

Showing? You guys when I took the above picture I literally died. How is my belly out THAT far?!

Labor Signs? So Tuesday we went on a walk and I felt tons of pressure in my pelvis then Wednesday (yesterday) all day was tons of pressure, and in the middle of the night woke up with tons of pain in my lower abdomen. Body is definitely getting ready and I am okay with that

Movement? Yes, slowed down a tiny bit, but if he gets going it doesn't stop and at first I'm like oooh and then after awhile im like okay you can stop haha
Happy or Moody? I'm trying really hard to be less moody. I want my husband to be here for me instead of want to kill me haha

Looking forward to? At this point we don't have much going on so literally all I think about is baby and getting him out. Lol thats why I apologize if my blog gets super boring the next couple weeks. I may just be posting about each week of pregnancy that I have left. I am sorry but thats all we got.

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