Monday, May 25, 2015

37 weeks

How far along? 37 weeks and 5 days 

Weight gain? 39 lbs still holding strong

Measuring at? My last apt I was measuring a week and a half ahead. I gotta big baby 

Sleep? Now the struggle is being able to fall asleep. So if I can I force myself to sleep. I'm usually exhausted in the day but then of course when it's actual bed time my body says nope!

Best moment this week? We got our new bed and painted our room! It's adorable! Pics to follow soon

Miss anything? I'm officially done being pregnant. I have cried a ton and I miss my body and I miss feeling normal. Come out little man!

Cravings? Lots of watermelon! It's finally on season!! And pizza. Like a whole box to myself sounds heavenly hahaha

Any aversions? No but my acid reflux is back and ice cream and pretty much all dairy make it really bad!

Showing? Yes and I told my husband if one more person says I look 40 weeks and like I'm about to give birth I will punch them! I know! 

Labor signs? Not really 😭😭 I hadn't progressed since my last Drs apt and it was hard to hear. I go walking and have lots of Braxton hicks but once I stop walking they do too! Ugh

Movement? Yes little boy still moves a ton! Which I am very grateful for an active healthy boy

Happy or Moody? Oh gosh! I'm a ball full of tears. Don't even ask me how I'm feeling or doing I start to cry. It's time you guys.

Looking forward to? Having this baby! Hahaha I got nothing else

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