Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On the 17th Jake and I finally went to the Jazz Game I bought him tickets for, for our anniversary. It was so much fun! I forgot my camera (Sad day) so I was only able to get one picture of us on my phone so it's el crappy! But I'm so glad I got us the tickets. We went in our adorable Jazz attire. I was in my Okur Jazz jersey. Which tells you the last time I went to an actual game. Jake wore his new Jazz hat and a green Nike shirt. So we weren't the best supporters of the team but oh well! We had pretty great seats and a lot of fun! The row we were on didn't have a single person in it or the row in front of us, so we decided to switch seats cause the people behind us had been slightly annoying! Well I didn't realize how many people come try and steal seats. After half time there were 20+ people trying to sit with us, by us. Anywhere to get a good seat. Without fail each one of them got booted out. It was hard to concentrate on the game!
Cuties Right??
Than the next day, we finally celebrated our V-day dinner. At an all you can eat Sushi Restaurant called Tokyo. I am always skeptical about Sushi restaurants cause they can be rather freaky. But this place was so good! We paid 12.99 each for all you can eat sushi, soup, and edemame! I was in love! I ate so much that I literally was dry heaving at the table. 

Well, I had found out the day before the Jazz Game, some bad news about school. And as I have mentioned before it's kind of a downer. I can't think about it for too long or I get really upset, but it turns out my plans for school are once again getting pushed back a little and my plans have taken another turn. Such is life! I was feeling awful about everything in life this past weekend. But than on Sunday my dad text Jake and said that he wanted to talk to us. Jake told him we would come over for dinner that night to talk. NOW, I'm going to get very personal, and this is more for me to write my feelings down for my benefit. Well as of late, Jake and I have been going through a stressful point in our marriage. So my dad pulled us aside and started telling us how that morning as he was kneeling down in morning prayer he was praying for all his children and their marriages. He got to Jake and I and prayed we would get through our tough times and that we would have all our righteous desires. At the end of the prayer he got up and instantly went to get on in the next instant he pulled up a talk that was given in 2005. He printed it out and encouraged us to read it. After reading I realized it was just want I needed to say to Jake and what I needed to hear to help. Which is why I feel blesses. Blessed that my father received inspiration for us. Blessed to have this gospel to help us DAILY! Blessed to have a husband that is trying his HARDEST to make me happy. Blessed to go through my little trials compared to some. Every time something happens at the time it feels like a huge burden. But in the end it is small when I look at the big picture! The church is true kids! AMEN!


  1. Marriage is hard. Simple as that. But if you put God first, these things have a way of getting easier. Even after 9 years of marriage, we work at it everyday. Hang in there Jen. The best is yet to come....

  2. I'm so glad you guys had fun at the game! and i know exactly what you mean about those people behind you being annoying!!! they annoy me too!!! I'm gonna agree with jamie on the marriage thing, it is so hard, but you will never do anything that is more worth all the hard times. Thanks for your post!!! luvya!

  3. Would you mind referring me to the talk?? At this very moment... I could use some encouragement.
    I'm happy to read your optimistic attitude, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one going through bad days. I'll admit sometimes I feel a little picked on! haha
    Love ya cous.

  4. Jenessa first of all i'm sorry its been a stressful time for you guys, marriage and life obstacles are hard to get through sometimes! Its so amazing how the Lord watches over us and helps us in these rough times, and when we get through them, we come out stronger! Glad you guys are doing good : ) We all need upliftment and encouragement at times!

  5. So true! I want a good talk from your dad too!!!! Hang in there; like Jamie said - each day is a new day!