Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happens in St. George... Goes on the blog

My beautiful, smart, wonderful sister Jamie had a birthday on the 21st. So for this fantastic birthday we went down to St. George, to P-A-R-T-Y! 9 girls went down including my 3 sisters and I!

Janalee and I went down in style in the MINI-VAN! Rockin! Weirdly enough it was just me and her in the 8 passenger van. Regardless we laughed hard and sang loud all the way down!
We stopped along the way at a cute little diner called Larry's. Everyone there kept asking if we were from a different town. Apparently we stand out like a soar thumb.
We finally arrived at the St. George house and got settled in. Instantly we whipped out treats and started gabbing and eating. My two favorite things!
The next morning was Jamie's actual birthday so we went out to breakfast at the good Ol' Cracker Barrel!
It's delicious.We were eating breakfast when Kim (one of the Bunco girls) came up to Jamie with a sparkly crown and wand to match! It was too cute.
Well as we were starting to pay our bills Jamie looked over at this man standing by his wife and leaned into my sister and said "Is that Elder Holland?" Well guess what kids? IT WAS!
So Jamie went up to him and asked for her birthday if she could take a picture. He was very nice and he and his wife took a picture with her. Than his wife said let's get a group picture! So we all jumped into a picture with him! I don't have that copy but it happened. I took a picture for Kim who didn't have her camera and this is my proof!
They were cute and his wife was just so adorable! One of the highlights of our trip for sure!
Well, naturally we had to go to Wally World to view the polyg's walking around, and naturally it's always an adventure, and naturally my outfit could go onto Always good times there!
We went home, cleaned up and got ready for some serious shopping at The Outlets. Each of us went away with at least one purchased item. It was refreshing for us ladies to go without husband and kids. 
For Jamie's birthday dinner she picked Chili's. We got all dressed up for a night on the town to eat some grub. It was delicious. We even got free molten lava cake (my favorite, I am salivating right now).
Well, since we had stocked up on sugar and caffeine we were all still extremely hyper. So we had a dance party in the family room with make up, dress-ups, Britney Spears, and Disney. Need I say more?
WARNING: these pictures may make you wet your panties.

I hope no one from this trip kills me for posting these pictures hehe! Overall we had such a blast and Jamie said it was one of her top 3 birthdays! You can probably see why! Anyways, I love you Jamie, your an amazing sister and best friend. Thanks for always being my "second mom", my advice giver, my cooking guru, and my workout/diet companion. I sure love you!

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  1. Ba ha ha ha! I think I did pee a little! (But I still hate you for posting these!) Seriously, that little trip was AWESOME! Please, let's do it again SOON!!!!!!!! Love ya!

    P.S. After seeing these pics I'm SOOO glad we (I) are dieting! Ugh!