Saturday, February 4, 2012

V-day Inspired

A few weeks ago some gal pals from work and I decided we wanted to make Valentine Day Wreaths. We found a really easy, cute one on pinterest. (Naturally where all my creativity comes from)

We decided to make a night of it, I had the girls over and we had pizza and gabbed about EVERYTHING! Well, we decided to get down to business and making this wreath. The cutting took me and my friend Natalie FOREVER. Everyone had started when we were still cutting! Once we finally had cut it out we all were laughing cause no one's wreath looked the same. I kept teasing my friend Brianna that she was doing her's wrong! We had so much fun that we decided we wanted to do this monthly, and do cute wreaths or crafts all together!

Well, after everyone left with finished wreaths Natalie and I were being extra perfectionists and were still making ours! I ended up staying up just so I could get it freaking done! Well needless to say I was able to get it done, and I LOVED the way it turned out! I was so happy! It wasn't that terrible!

Well with all this mushy, gushy holiday stuff in the air, I took it upon myself to make two more Valentine crafts. I made darling little XOXO lettering with paper, mod-podge, and ribbon. They were really cute and simple. 

Well when I first joined Pinterest one of my very first pins, was a sign that said "I love you because _______" and every day you would write down what and why. I HAD to make it so I figured what perfect time to hang it but now!! Unfortunately I think my background paper might be too dark, but I still think It's adorable and I will keep it hung in our bedroom! Maybe I can even find a marker bright enough?

Happy Love Month! xoxo

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