Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 3 {Children}

When I failed to make it into nursing school, I was so worried. I really didn't know what on earth I was going to do with my time. I remembered my good friend, Amie in the ward had said that she would be heading back to work in January and she needed a trustworthy, friendly, nanny. Well, as fate would have it... I was that girl!

I introduce you to OAKLEY:

This baby girl is the sweetest thing alive. She is so easy to nanny and I have enjoyed my time with her. I'm glad The Hale's have trusted me with this little gal, cause already I have made some mistakes. 
Seriously, she is the easiest baby and she sticks right to her schedule. She always gives me the biggest cheesers and I'm having so much fun! I love seeing Jake with her. Unfortunately it does make me a titch baby hungry. But for now we are holding off ;)


In addition, I nanny my sister, Kylie's two little girls at her home while she does hair! It's been so fun. I have honestly enjoyed playing doll house, dress ups, dollies, doing hair, and just about anything else girly with this little doll! The other day I only spent half the day with her, when normally I would drive her to preschool. She noticed I was packing up my things to leave and this was our conversation:
Irelyn: "Where are you going?"
Jenessa: "I have to go to work sweetie?"
I: "Well when will we get to play again?"
J: "I don't know...soon." 
I: "But I will miss you."
J: "I will miss you too but I promise I will come back another time."
(puts her head down and looks at the ground and in the saddest voice you can imagine) I: "But I will just miss you so much!"
Ah this little girl knows how to get to me! I love her to death. Come to find out she went down bawling to her mom that I had left and could NOT get over it! Lovin every second.


This little gal will be one in April, and right now I get to watch her go through some fun stages. She just recently started crawling and she is definitely is keeping me on my toes. We also are going through the teething stage which is fun!  No but really I love playing mom to her. She is such a happy baby and is so smiley. She has these two front teeth that are spaced just ever so perfectly like sponge bob! I love my little square sponge. 
Honestly I have enjoyed just about every minute I get with these 3 girlies. Glad to be the one to nanny them. I am learning so much about children and the responsibilities they come with. It's definitely a better practice than reality!

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  1. Jenessa im so glad your enjoying your nanny job for those sweet, adorable girls!! I was a nanny for 2 1/2 years, my job just ended a couple weeks ago..but how fun is it that you get to watch your sisters girls, so cool! I love the pics,they are cute!