Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Valentine's 2*14*12

This year for Valentine's Jake and I planned to do half of it on the 14th and the other half the weekend after. Which I was A-Okay with!
I started getting ready to go buy Jake's presents when my friend Natalie text me and told me to come trash our husbands cars together. I was sold instantly! We started out at my work where her husband's car was parked and the destruction began.
Natalie: The Culprit
Than we were off! We headed to Jake's work and all I wanted to do was embarrass him! That was my main goal for the day.
First we started off with red and pink latex balloons, tied one to each of the doors and to the rearview mirrors. Than we add a little car painting and put embarrassing, yet funny sayings. (yes we have price tag stickers on our car, no we are not selling it)
Than we slowly add hideous stickers with animals on them, add a few treats (just cause I'm extra nice) and top it all off with a banner that announces this beautiful day we are celebrating aka Valentines Day!

Than viola you have a sweet, beautiful, embarrassing, exciting car!
How could he resist this on V-day??
Well, I came home to these lovely little flowers and put Jake's other gift that I put together for him! I got the wonderful idea from here! It came with printable's and everything! LOVE IT! I put it on the bed with a cute little card!

Than to treat me real good, he took me to a bunch of clothes stores so I could pick out my V-day present. Well of course when he offers to pay and go with me I find NOTHING! 
Side Note: We were in one of the dressing rooms and I had been trying on clothes, finally I put on my shirt that I had originally came in and Jake who had been giving his opinion on each outfit said "I don't like that shirt its too boring!" I had to remind him it was my shirt that I came in. Good thing I thought it was funny rather than offended! 
Well, we decided to go somewhere really chill for dinner that night and than on Saturday we would go to a Sushi restaurant (my favorite) so we ended up at Costa Vida that night. It was actually perfect for what were going for and it was really good! 

We stopped at one last place, which happened to be a shoe store and we found me the CUTEST shoes. I can't wait to wear them. I love them. Jake really liked them too which made it all the more better! We ended the night with my two favorite movies, Our wedding video and Titanic! It was perfect! Even though it wasn't this extravagant day it was still great!
Look at these beauties!

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