Sunday, February 26, 2012


When Jake and I first got married he told me he would someday soon want to change jobs. Well, we got married and he said some time after April. April came and went and than we said October, we wanted to be in a better job. Once again, another season passed. Nothing. But he said he wanted to get past the holidays with his job and than crack down in January. He went to interview after interview...nothing. We spruced up his resume with the help of a friend. But either we weren't what they were looking for or they had gone with someone else. I was starting to think nothing was working out. Cause as of late nothing had been working out! Every time he would go in for interview I would text my family to pray that Jake gets this job. Nothing. He even at one point applied within the company he had been working for and still couldn't find anything better.
 Well he talked with a friend in our ward, who just a month or two ago had been hired for a job in sales. Anyone that knows Jake, knows he LOVES sales. So he asked him about it, and the friend said he would put in his resume and a good word. Well in the mean time Jake put his resume on the website He got 5 calls within the hour. By the end of the week he had two interviews on the same day. One was with a random company, the other was from the guy in our ward.
 I was hesitant to get excited and even told Jake to stop talking about it, cause we kept getting so excited that the disappointment made it much worse. I didn't tell anyone he was even looking, just so I wouldn't jinx it. We said our own little prayers and hoped for the best. I was working that day, so I sat there and waited for a text. I looked down on my phone and saw that I had received a text, FINALLY. The first text from him said "Got me my first job offer" I didn't believe it. I asked him if he was serious? 
WELL it was true! We finally got an amazing job offer. For a company in West Valley called New Horizons. It's in Sales with a base pay plus commissions. The base is already enough for me not to have to work and still pay our bills. It seriously is such a blessing. I feel like its the sunshine I needed for my cloudy days we have been having. What makes me even happier is Jake keeps saying "I got a new job" "I'm so excited" "I got a new job babe!" "I'm so excited to start my new job" I'm happy he has found something that will help our family and makes us happy! :) 


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