Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm a little behind on posting. But on Thursday March 22nd my sister once again was amazing and rented out a theater for the movie Hunger Games. We had a theater for 200 people. She did a raffle and it was so fun!     It was fun this time, because we also brought husbands into the mix. I was lucky enough to sit next to my cute husband and my old friend Afton. My family sat down the row from me. AND THAN my besties Matt, Linsey, Jakobis, Naomi and Kelly all sat behind me! So very good night.

Thoughts on the movie: I liked it a lot. I didn't love it. But that's probably because I read the book. But overall I think they did a fairly decent job on putting the book into real life.
Pro's: Peeta and Gale were attractive
Great Acting
Cool effects
Very intense
Jake like it
picked good characters
Con's: They missed parts that I thought were vital
filming was shaky
film jumped into scenes really fast
it was really goorey?

But I think I will buy it and take people to see it. Approved by Jenessa


  1. JENESSA! your hair is so cute! I love it :) Makes me want to cut mine so badly haha

  2. DO it! It was scary but I recommend it