Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yup, I'm Crafty.

So a few weeks ago, there was like two days that I just did all these random crafts. Something came over me. When I usually craft, it's like this craving I get one day and I just go crazy. Than it goes away for a week or two. But it always comes back. I don't mind. I love it!

So as I showed earlier, I made this years Easter baskets. Which were so fun. They were SO easy too!

Than there was this headband holder, that I had seen on Pinterest that I was dying to make! You make it out of an Oat canister. Well, me and Jake don't use oats a whole lot, so it took us a couple months to finally go through the whole can. Well we finally did, and I set the can aside for the next day. I come down and I'm looking everywhere for it. I finally though to ask Jake. He had thrown it AWAY! Not even in like our little dumpster, in the big ol dumpster that could eat small children. I admit I was a little onery that day, so I yelled at him to go dumpster diving for it. I was just so mad, I has waited months to do this project and I finally was going to, but NO! Anyways, needless to say, I came home and there was a canister sitting on the counter, but it wasn't my original one. He had gone to the neighbors house, and asked her for one. She dumped all her oats out and had given it to him! I felt like such an idiot. Oh well I got my canister! :)

So all I did was add modge podge and paper. Than I stuffed all the flimsy "sportish" headbands and elastics on the inside, and on the outside the more dressy headbands. I LOVE IT! I am slightly obsessed with it. It also was kind of an organizing thing, cause in my drawer were all my hair stuff was, it was a disastrous. Now it's all clean and not a hassle!

I also wanted to try to make those "scarf-necklace" things. They looked so adorable on Pinterest. So there were a couple shirts that I had in my closet that I kept because they were cute, but I hated to wear them (weird?) So I chopped them up and made cute little scarf thingys. I would say 90% of the time, the things I find on Pinterest that I want to do usually turn out. This did not. 

As you can see they were cute, but they are small and like creep up my neck like a choker? Not attractive an not comfortable. I opt out.

For Bunco I made these adroable little cupcakes. Naturally one of the ideas came from Pinterest. The other came from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. For the month of March they had this cupcake called "Dirt" it looked heavenly, but I didn't end up buying it. Instead I made them. The white one was just yellow cake mix with white frosting, than chocolate shavings and cadbury eggs. The "Dirt" ones were chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, oreo bits, and gummy worms! So fun!

When I very first joined pinterest, I pinned a key holder. It was my very first pin and from the beginning of time I wanted to make it. It is a necessity at our home. J is always asking me where the keys are or I'm digging through my purse. We'll I finally did it, and I LOVE IT!

Last but of course, my wreath for Spring. I don't love it. But it will do. It took me ten and a half years. And it's not even THAT cute. Oh well, till next spring

Happy Pinning!

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