Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bahama's {part 1}

There is just so much to share about my cruise that I will have to do it in 3 segments. I don't want to overwhelm you with the awesomeness of my cruise!!

We flew into Miami at around 5:35 AM and went to have breakfast at the hotel. We were all so exhausted from flying on a red eye on a uncomfortable plane that we all were falling asleep at the breakfast table. We ended up going out to the pool to sleep on lounge chairs till we could check in at 11. We all loved the weather and enjoyed some local animals.

We checked in and decided to go to the local mall. It had over 200 shops a movie Theater and 30 restaurants it was huge!! My family went and saw Les Miserables but Jake and I had already seen it so instead we went to Wreck it Ralph cause I had been begging him to go! We loved it. We went and grabbed some new flip flops for Jake and two new roxy shirts for me! I was so happy! We met up with my family and went to Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. My cute brother fell asleep at the table.

We got back to our hotel around 9 and we were all exhausted. All the boys went to play basketball and the girls went straight to bed. I was laying there in bed when I was thinking about how I wanted to wear one of my new shirts the next day, I got up and started searching for it. Jake had been carrying the bags all day and I realized he never brought him up to the hotel room. I started freaking out a little cause Jake is known to misplace things like.... ALL THE TIME! He came back from ball and we confirmed that he left it in the Taxi cab and there was no way to return it. I was so livid. I didn't talk to Jake till the next morning. But were okay now, just a sad story I wanted to share.

We woke up and drove to our cruise ship. We got on with ease and it was so crazy that we were finally there. We all got in swimsuits and grabbed a lounge chair and soaked up some Miami sun till we set sail. All the girls ordered specialty drinks and I knew it was going to be a good week! 

That night my mom, sisters, and I went to play bingo. We were so excited it was one of the things we were looking forward to. We were told when your one away from a Bingo you should stand up, well both my mom and my sister Kylie were standing. My mom started chanting B13, B13. When all the sudden they called B13!! My mom had won $500 dollars! Unfortunately a guy tied with here so they gave them the choice of sudden death or both to walk away with $300. My mom took the cash!

I gambled for the first time on the cruise and won 16 dollars in the penny slots. The next day was our day at sea. We enjoyed some more laying out. Jake and I also went to the very top deck to play mini golf and only did 3 holes, because it was so windy I was literally getting knocked down and my clothes were coming off. That night was formal night, which was so fun! We got to dress up in nice clothes and ate amazing meals! They had a variety show after that was fun! It was a perfect end for that day.  

The next day we went to our first Island which was Turks and Caico's. It was the furthest Island from Florida. We decided that since it was the shortest day we would just spend it at the beautiful beach. It was gorgeous. We took lots of pictures, played in the sand, layed out, ate local food and just had a good relaxing time. Jake was in heaven playing volleyball on the beach. He also was a good sport and let us bury him in sand. That night we ended it with the casino and Karaoke.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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