Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lists, LISTS, lists

As of lately Jake and I have created some lists, of things we want to do and accomplish. The first list was inspired by my sister, Jamie. The second list was inspired by the tv show "How I Met Your Mother".

The first list I decided to do around Christmas time. It was right after that awful school shooting, and all those precious lives taken. Ann Curry from the today show posted an idea how we always seem to focus on the shooter and you see his name all over the news, when in reality we need to focus on the lives lost. They were a total of 27 killed including the shooter himself. But since we aren't focusing on him there were 26 lives he took. She decided how neat would it be if we did 26 random acts of kindness in honor of those kids and teachers. My sister Jamie told me about the article and idea and she showed me some of the things she had already done. I was sold. I loved the idea. I didn't make the list however until after Christmas. But I figured I could give service anytime! So here is my first list. (some things are not on the list cause they are private) But I took pictures of the things I have done this far.

26 Acts Of Kindness
1. Leave box of Oreo's for mailman with thank you card
2. Put $5 dollars on a persons windshield
3.Leave 4 quarters on a vending machine
4.Collect carts at Walmart parking lot and put them back
5.Leave a big tip at dinner-we had the BEST waitress, and left her a 100% tip

6.(a secret)
7.Send flowers to someone random
8.Write a letter to someone who changed my life
9.Shovel someone's sidewalk- I shoveled our whole town home section

12.Send classroom some supplies
13.Leave a book for someone to read anywhere
14.Leave money on a cup at a gas station for a new drink
15. Leave a $1 and a bag of popcorn at Redbox
16.Leave a random post it note on a bathroom mirror with an uplifting thought
17.Send a pizza to a fire station
18.Ding dong ditch one of my neighbors with a box of ding dongs
19.Leave $1 bills in the toy section
20.Write a cute little note and send it to someone in a diff. state
21.Bring in doughnuts to my coworkers at the hospital
22-26. Hand out 5 suckers to 5 random kids with a balloon

Now for the second list. One day I was watching How I met your Mother and two of the characters are married named Marshall and Lily and they had been trying to get prego for over a year, it was consuming them and making them really upset. (sound familiar) One day they decided to stop thinking about it and enjoy the time they had together and make a list of things they wanted to do before they got pregnant. They called it the "Crib List". A bucket list for pre-baby. I was inspired and we created our own together.

Our Crib List

1. Drive up to Park city just for a few hours and eat at Bandido's
2.Take a random on the spot trip to St. George or Vegas AKA ROAD TRIP
3.Spend an entire day watching movies- we each picked two movies, it was so fun!
4.Partake of all the crazy "Ice Cream" we can, at different places and different times (this is sex people)
5.Travel, Travel, Travel- one place traveled two more to go
6.Go to Montana
7.Accomplish a goal from our "bucket list"- we have already done 3 this year: Go on a cruise, sing karaoke  and save over $10,000.
8.Reach ideal weight
9.Save money
10.Go camping
11. Scrapbook our lives thus far
12.Serve people


  1. Love it all! Way to go. You're inspiring!

  2. Good for you! Sounds like lots of fun! And look at you, you shoveled all those sidewalks in the cutest shoes! :) By the way, your cruise looks like it was awesome! Glad you guys had so much fun!