Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bahama's part {3} our last day :(

This was our last day on an island and our last day at sea. I really really didn't want to go home. Usually I feel pretty great about leaving but this vacation I could have stayed for another week..or two. :)

Our cruise ship took us to Nassau, Bahamas which is the capitol. When we got there it looked really run down, and not anything like what you would pictures the Bahama's to be like. I was really grateful we had planned an excursion and that it was at a well known and well run place...known as Atlantis. I was also super excited cause people pay big bucks to stay at this resort and all we did is a day pass which was well worth it and I thought decently priced.

Today was also the day of our 2 year Anniversary! But this also was a really rotten day for me! I was on my period and I wasn't thrilled to be going to a water park, but YOLO and Carpe Diem, RIGHT?? 

(This story is a little TMI but thats who I am so JUST WARNING YOU) Well we arrive at the resort and I had on a white cover up I pull off my coverup and my sister was like "Jenessa go to the bathroom." I looked down and I had bled through my swim bottoms. Sad day. So I go to the bathroom and just decide I would wear my cover up the rest of the day. Well we go on a couple rides and than my sister and I decide to go to the bathroom, but I told her I had to go grab a tampon real quick. We go to our chairs and once again, someone says "Jenessa you need to go to the bathroom now." I look down and I had bled through my cover up in 3 different places. At this point I kinda started crying in the bathroom cause A) I'm emotional B) this is SO embarrassing C) I am at this amazing water park and cant really enjoy myself and D) this was the period from HELL!! I compose myself and decide I will just wrap a towel around me and be done with swimming. I put on a towel that had blue and white stripes. By this point the entire family is there and they all know the situation and can tell I'm upset. We start walking and my dad asks "You okay?" I just nodded and walked ahead of him, I hear him call to my older sister and she comes running up to me and whispers in my ear "You soaked through the towel!" I just start bawling into her shoulder. I had had it!! We finally found a dark blue towel and I got through the rest of the day, by the time we got back to the cruise ship things had died down, and I was okay. But so sad huh?

Once we got back on the ship Jake and I got all dolled up, cause it was our last night and our anniversary. I had ordered an anniversary cake before we got on the ship that they brough out to dinner and sang to us. We felt pretty special. We also partook of the Martinelli's! We took pictures with our awesome dinner service men, who rocked it!

We got up the next morning and we were in Miami, I was so bummed, I really didn't want to leave. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am so glad we did it! I am so grateful to my parents for paying for it, thinking of it, and actually getting us all to do it!! I already am planning our next trip as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

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