Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bahamas part {2}

This was my favorite day of the Bahamas!! This was the day we went to Half Moon Cay! Carnival was the cruise ship we went on, and they own this island all for themselves. It's got gorgeous blue water and white soft sand. It was literal paradise! I could have stayed there for days and days!

When we first got there we went on our first excursion which was Kayaking! We went to a separate beach on the island and Jake and I were in one together and we went around the island and saw different parts of it!! It was so fun and exciting!!

After Kayaking, we grabbed lunch and went and layed out on the beach! It was breathtaking!! We swam in the ocean. My little bro even got his swim shorts taken off!! Good times!! 

After that we did Snorkeling with Sting Rays! It was AWESOME!! At first I was really hesitant cause I was afraid of them, but after petting them and having them brush up on my leg a couple times I eased up!! After a while we all got in a circle and we put squid into our hand and let the sting rays come up and eat it! It was so crazy and cool!! Unfortunately all the pics of that are on my sisters camera! :(

By the time we were done, it was almost time to go. But there were a few local shops that Jake and I decided to look around and see! I found a gift for my mother in law and a really cute hat for me! I loved it! I am glad I got something from the island!

We finally got back to our ship and had literally two minutes to get ready for dinner. But we did! And it ended our perfect day at Half moon Cay!

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  1. I like that red paint on your chest. It's ma fav.