Friday, January 4, 2013

2 years later

With every New Years comes another Anniversary for Jake and I. And its been an incredible two years. On January 11, 2011 we got married and as many of you know there have been MANY up's and MANY down's. But to hear how we first fell in love and got so wrapped up in each other go here: How it all began.

Let's begin with the down's so we can get the negatives out of the way.I promise though I have positives for each.

-Therapy. Although it was hard to admit it, we needed this so bad. Our first year of marriage was rough! Which it is for most. But than we got past that and there was still some problems. 8 weeks later, with lots of tears, we are so much stronger. I will say it over and over and over again, EVERYONE should go to at least one therapy session. It will change your marriage for the better. Jake and I hardly fight, we communicate, we are actually truly happy, we are working hard for the other person, their is just SO many things to say that was positive about therapy. But we both always say how glad we are we went.

-School. The dreaded school. This one has been a little biotch. First I failed all my classes, than I did good and there was hope, than I found out I was on probation, than I did another semester and did semi good. But than after that I was suspended. Than I took two semesters off and applied for SLCC. This past semester has been the best college experience ever. Now I think UVU is a piece of a$$.  But I am so happy to be at a school now, where I KNOW I will reach my dreams.

-Jobs. For the first year and a half of our marriage Jake had an okay job. He would get up at 4 to be there at 5. He was getting treated like dirt. His boss only singled out him. He was getting paid mediocre for how hard he worked. This was the cause of a lot of our fighting. Finally we met someone in our ward, who talked about a sales job and Jake perked up. He applied and was offered a job ten minutes after the interview. Can I just tell you how incredible this job has been on our lives and how blessed we are? He is getting paid double what he was paid. His schedule is so nice and easy going. His bosses tell him AT least once a week how much they love him. Just this last week they had a meeting with all their staff, and how they all need to be like Jake and sale as much as him cause he is amazing (it was definitely a proud wife moment that I definitely intend to brag about.) Jake actually gets excited to go to work! So we are feeling so blessed for this job in our lives right now!

-Infertility. Now I have had many posts about this one so I wont ramble on about it. But the positive side that I have seen come from this, is mine and Jake's relationship is so incredibly strong right now. Before it was really good. But now I seriously cant even explain how great we are. We are each others best best friends and we are on the same wave lengths. Its incredible.

In the end their is no one else I could do this with and no one else who could get me like Jake does.

Now the up's! The good stuff over the past two years.

-Dog. When we were only married 5 months Jake finally granted my lifelong wish and got me a dog. It hasn't been easy. But so worth it. Jake loves him more than I do. And we have made some lives pretty happy with this dog.

-Buying and decorating our house together and making it into our home. Our little safe haven. Our town home is such a beautiful place and we are so lucky to live here together. And the memories that go along with every nook and cranny has been our entire marriage.

-All of life's little experiences. Learning to cook for the first time, going on trips together, new callings in our ward, my different hair cuts, learning how to have some really good sex, learning how to have some not really good sex, learning patience. All these things have been so fun and entertaining to do. Especially together.

-Realizing that there may not be such things as soul mates. But I definitely found my perfect match. I reflect on this every now and than and I always come back to how grateful I am that I picked Jake. I am sure the feelings are the same for him. But there are FAR too many times when I am sobbing and in my head I'm saying "you look like an idiot, and the reason your crying makes you sound like an idiot." But Jake doesn't think twice about it, he is always comforting me. He literally is my everything. Some days eternity seems like forever. But most days I couldn't be more happy with the idea of spending forever with the man I love!

Happy Anniversary Hubbie Bum! Love you like CRAZY!

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  1. I just love you two kids! And that is amazing about Jake and his job. Tell him way to go!