Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Quick Trip

The weekend before Easter my sisters, their spouses, their kids, and Jake and I went down to my parents house in St George for a fun fast little getaway. It was much needed and so much fun!

I left on Thurs with my sister Jamie and her 3 kids. We left on Thursday after I was done with school. We grabbed some treats before we left, grabbed food in Nephi than headed straight to St. George. The drive alone was great. Jamie and I were giggling and having fun which made the 3 1/2 hr drive seem like one hour.

We were greeted by my sister Kylie and her family. The next morning we all woke up and went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We made jokes that Kylie's husband must look like a modern day polygamist with us 3 sisters, and 5 kids and him being the only man. After we went home and played with the kids and they swam while we went shopping.

(just to give you a taster of my weekend)

After we had gone shopping Brandon (kylie's husband) offered to watch the kids while us 3 sisters went out to dinner. We went to Wingers and enjoyed a fun quiet dinner just us girls. By the time we got back my husband and Jamie's husband had arrived. I was so happy to see Jake!
A few hours later the last sister arrived with her family. 

We teased Amy that her little boy Cooper ^^ needed a serious hair cut if we could pin his hair up! 

The next day all the husbands (including Jake) took the bigger kids to the movie The Croods and us sisters took the younger 3 to get drinks and cookies to a park. We all met up at In N Out for lunch and than went to this incredible park that's deep in St. George. It seriously was the coolest park I had ever been to. We stayed there forever. It definitely wore the kids and us out.

After we got back Jake, the kids, and I got in the hot tub. Than we came in fed the kids and sent them to bed. We sent the men out to get dinner. After we found this game that we all got into called Name that Movie. Lots of fun! Later on the guys turned on Nacho Libre and Jake, Jamie, and I played a short game of Mexican train.

The next morning we all decided to go to cracker barrel with everybody. Jake and I split the most amazing breakfast. Later we ran some errands. It was the day we had to leave so we came home and started packing up. We ended up getting lunch and eating at another park. Once we had cleaned and gotten our part done Jake and I left for home. It was a fabulous trip!

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