Friday, April 12, 2013

He is Risen!

We had such a lovely Easter Sunday  It was wonderful. The night before we had so much going on and to do that day. We started the night off with going to dinner with Mark, Leslee, Jerry, Julie, and baby Ashton. We met up to give Ashton a little Easter gift from Jake and I. We wanted to give him a little outfit and some toys! He ended up loving the balls and Leslee thought the outfit was adorable.

Later that night we got home and I was determined to dye eggs even if it was just good ol Jake and me. We had bought a tie dye egg kit 2 years before and finally got a chance to use it. The eggs actually turned out cute. Naturally I enjoyed myself but even Jake said he had fun! That's got to mean something right?

Magical right??

The next morning we obviously went hunting for our Easter Baskets from the Easter bunny. This year the Easter bunny hid ours really good. And we were very spoiled. Jake got a new Easter Sunday tie and football. I got a tulle skirt and new dress. We were ecstatic. 

We started to get ready for Church and I was listening to church music when the song Jesus Once of Humble Birth came on and the lyrics hit me so hard about Christ being risen and what he does for me and my life. It totally brought the Easter spirit in my heart. And right when I needed it too!

After we went to my mom's for Easter dinner and a Egg hunt! It was a wonderful Easter Sunday. 

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