Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My {OLD} man!

On April 6, it was Jake's birthday. I was so excited freaked out. My hubbie is a year from turning 30! Where did the time go? I couldn't be happier that we have been together for this long now but I was just in shock that he turned 29. I married an old guy what can I say?

I knew I wanted to make his birthday both exciting, fun, and memorable. And of course he never complains no matter what we do but it was good. We started the festivities Friday night when we had his cousins come over for a game night. This doesn't sound that great, but Jake's favorite thing is to have people over for game nights, especially family. So the fact that I let it all happened just the way he wanted he was thrilled! The next morning we both got to sleep in, and when we got up I went straight downstairs and made his favorite breakfast which is crepes. It was delish and made him a happy boy.

During breakfast he got to open one gift. He got a brand new Hurley hat that was springish colors. He loved it, but it was too big! boo!

After breakfast we got dressed all cute for the big birthday celebration at his parents. And of course we had to take our traditional picture of the birthday person by the balloon wreath. Its both our favorite tradition about Birthdays. 

I wanted to take out to dinner but he had priesthood that night so I settled for lunch. We dropped the dog off and headed out for lunch. Jake picked Kneaders. I wasn't thrilled but of course he proved me wrong like always rarely. It was a fun little date and I am glad we did it together. 

We met up with Jakes family after lunch and of course did Jake's two favorite things, played sports OUTSIDE, and play games inside. Unfortunately we were only outside for 45 min before it started pouring rain. I felt bad. But he still had fun. 

We played games for another two hours or so. Than we finally ate dinner which was homemade PF Changs lettuce wraps. Also good. We let Jake open his presents where he was very spoiled. I got him new Nike running shoes and he was so stoked! I was so glad.

His face says it ALL

The men left a little after dinner for priesthood. And Jake said over and over again it was one of the best birthdays! I was happy but it still wasn't over. The next day which was Sunday we did just dessert with my family. Jake got more clothes and another pair of nice shoes. He got cash from everyone in my family, (he is obsessed with money!) I made him a basketball cake that I was so proud of! It turned out so cute!

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