Friday, January 17, 2014

3 Years Later...

On January 11 of this year Jake and I celebrated 3 years of Marriage together. As you all know who have been reading my blog since the beginning its been a long road. But really who else would I do it with? Jake has been my rock through everything, and when I look at the hard things we went through, are going through, and have yet to go through we have been so blessed. I was just telling him the other day "We are SO rich. Not money rich, but our life is so full of amazing things!" So for that I am grateful!

We were going to go overnight somewhere but everything was expensive and things came up. So we ended up just going up to SLC to eat at the Roof and walk around temple Square. K, The Roof is UH-MAZING! It's a Buffet and its $40 a plate. But WELL worth it! Then after we walked around and looked at the temple and the statues and it was beautiful!

Jake, your still my everything. I am reminded everyday that I made the BEST choice in picking you to be mine! Your my best friend and I know everyone says "I love you more everyday" but its true! I love you Mr. Frahm I am the lucky one that gets to spend eternity with you!