Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

This years Christmas was too good to us! We were all EXTREMELY spoiled! Especially Ashton! I still don't know where to put all the crap he got!  We celebrated with Jake's family on the 23 and it was so fun! We had Hawaiian Haystacks. We did a white elephant and sibling exchange. Lucky for us, what we got was actually quite perfect. We got a Children's X-mas book and a popcorn bowl! Uhm, score? For the sibling exchange I got a hand sander. Like a actually power tool! And I am SO excited about it! I am trying to think of what to use it on! Can't wait. Jake got a bunch of goodies from his sister. Then his parent's gave Jake, Ashton, and I all each $100! We couldn't believe it!

Well Christmas Eve day I had to work. And I was pretty excited about it, then my day ended up being pure hell! But luckily I was still on the "it's Christmas Eve" high so I got over it. That night we spended it at my parent's. We had finger foods and appetizers for dinner, then we had all the grandkids open their gifts. After my parents did Deal or No Deal. We had talked about doing this since my sister did this with her in laws last christmas, I never thought my parents would do it, but they did. The prices ranged from .1 to $500. My sister Jamie and Luke went first and they ended up going till the very end and there box had $200 in it and they kept it! Then it was Jake's and my turn and we were doing awesome. Jake kept wanting to make a deal and I wanted to keep pushing cause we were doing so good. It wasn't until the VERY end that we got rid of the highest numbers. The two amounts left on the board were $200 and $150 and the banker (my dad) made us a deal of $190, we decided to just chance it and see what was in our box, I am glad we did, cause we ended up with $200! So we literally got the best deal possible! Amy and Devin went next they weren't doing so hot so they ended up making a deal with the dealer and got $100. Then Kylie and Brandon went and they did not do good AT ALL! They ended up with only $23 hahaha my dad was nice though and gave them $50.

After we opened sibling gifts and then my parents gave all us kids gifts. Jake and I waited to open ours till Christmas since we were spending the night. But my cute mom surprised my sisters and I with these darling scrapbooks she made for each of us. They had things from throughout the year. I cried. I thought it was so cool to have Ashton's baby pictures in a book, I don't have any yet. Then she had our temple in there and it was really cool to see.

Then we opened Xmas jammies and went off to bed so Santa could come!

Next morning Ashton woke up to see what Santa brought him! We ate breakfast with my parents, Jake's parents, and Mark and Les. Then we opened presents. After we opened we got to talk to CJ it was so cool! I miss that kid! He is such a spiritual giant and it felt like he was really home for Christmas! 

Jake got: Apple TV, a hurley hat, colorblock jacket, other clothes, gift cards for itunes and restaurants.
Jenessa: Celine Dion Tickets, Massage and Facial GC, clothes galore, new boots, jewelry, make up.
Ashton: Tool station, shopping cart, elephant pop balls, clothes, books, train track, boots.

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