Monday, January 13, 2014

New Years Shebang!

For New Year's we didn't have a lot of ideas of what we were going to do. (Ah the joys of being married with children haha) In the last couple of years we had spent the holiday with my family, so I told Jake we could spend it with his. But after majority of the people he wanted to hang out with from his family had plans we were stumped. So I told him to ask his parents, kinda as a last resort (sad but true) they were so excited and were glad we were coming! So there ya go! We decided to play games and have an all you can eat fest with them! It actually was lots of fun, we ended up watching a movie too that was fabulous. It was quiet and simple and it was actually good enough for all of us!

Here are our 13 highlights of 2013 (most consist of Ashton haha):

1. Adopting Ashton
2. Being Sealed to Ashton
3. Jake got a major raise
4. I turned 21 
5. Ashton turned 1
6. Ashton being placed in our home
7. 2 year Anniversary
8. Bahama's cruise
9. Sent a brother and best friend on a mission
10. Got a new niece, Aniston
11. Became Parents
12. Went to the Zoo for the first time
13. Had one of the best years of my life!

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