Monday, January 12, 2015

4 years

On Sunday January 11 we celebrated our 4 year anny! I know everyone says it but it has flown by. Some days I am shocked when I am a mom to almost two kids and I have been married for four years cause I still feel like the 18 year old that wasn't looking for anything serious when she stumbled upon a Jake. Who lied and said he wasn't either... YA RIGHT!

This year we wanted just a fun date night cause we don't get these as much anymore! So we first started off the day with a movie! So simple but we we're stoked! We went to Meet the Mormons cause we told each other we would wait to see it till we could actually watch it together. It was incredible. Of course a tear was shed, but I would highly recommend to ANYONE!

We then headed up to SLC for some shopping and dinner. We got to City Creek and I dragged Jake around. He had never been though so it was fun to show him around. Then we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and ended up talking with the LDS Sister Missionaries for 25 mins. They we're so cute and sure made me miss Sister Romriell! We made reservations for The Roof which I also highly recommend. And we we're placed like RIGHT in front of the temple! It was gorgeous!

Cute little Jake surprised me with this bracelet with my initial. Then I have a necklace that I wear all the time that has Ashton's initial and he gave me a "B" charm for Boston. Tender! I surprised him with a new hat, which he adored!

Jake and I kept saying that this was the best anniversary yet and how every year gets better and better. Our First year of marriage was rough, Second year was fixing our issues and learning and growing, third year was rough at the beginning but ended up good, but so far this year is starting off amazing! We watched our Wedding Video and its still my favorite. But I was telling Jake that how I felt about him then is uncomparible to how I feel about him now. Sure love this man I have by my side, he is my everything! Glad he picked me for eternity!

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  1. Happy 4 years!! That is so crazy--congrats!!! Also, you look absolutely g o r g e o u s ! Must be that "pregnancy glow" ;)