Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sisters Quickie

I just had to title the post that cause I think I am funny! Last weekend 2 out of my 3 sisters and I traveled down to St. George and Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. Partly for my sister Jamie's 30th and partly cause we're AWESOME!

We left Friday morning and headed down. Got down there and hung out for a bit then decided to go to dinner at Red Lobster. Which I was totally stoked for since I could actually eat the plate I adore there! It was heaven! We then searched the entire town for one of my favorite movies, Bridesmaids, finally found it then rewarded ourselves with some Swig Ice Cream. If you haven't had there ice cream its a MUST!

Got back home, got in our comfies and played card games, and then ended the night watching Bridesmaids. The next morning I got to sleep in, while the other two crazies went to the gym! We got all ready for a day of shopping and of course...more food. We hit up Cafe Rio, Charming Charlies, and JC Penney's and then headed back on the road for VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Jamie's one request was to go to Cheesecake Factory which uhm ya!! After a freaking delish meal we walked around Caesars Palace, and found a MAC store. My sister Kylie is a cosmetologist so we get a 30% discount on the makeup and it was like a little piece of heaven. I got a concealer, Lipstick, and 4 eyeshadows! By the time we had walked to dinner, ate dinner, shopped, and walked back to our room we we're dead. So we old ladies called it a night and went to bed!

We got up and heard that an amazing place to grab breakfast was at a place on the strip called "Hash House A Go Go" we found it and it was a thirty five minute wait. Annoying. But we stayed. And boy are we glad. Just take a second and look at the size of my Pancake! Definitely a must every time! 

We then headed to the Outlets and did some shopping but sadly there wasn't a ton to buy. So it was kinda a fail. We drowned our sorrows in ice cream. And headed home. So the moral of the whole trip was...FOOD. It's what we lived for and I don't regret it one bit. It was short and sweet and just what this momma needed to come home a better mom. 

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