Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome to The Frahm Abode

I have been wanting to do this post in forever!! A walk through of our new home. We moved back in August and I repainted the entire main floor and then got pregnant and sick so things I wanted to do got put on the back burner. But that's why I also wanted to show what my plans our for future rooms and such!

Okay real quick details about the house just to give you an overview. Its a rambler style home. Two car garage. .28 acres. The upper half is 1500 sq ft. and bottom half is 1500 sq ft. But the bottom is unfinished at the moment. So we have a total of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms at the moment. Right now the upper half consists of entry way, family room, dining room, kitchen and pantry, mudroom, laundry room, Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Full bath (kids bath and guest bathroom), two other bedrooms. The basement when we finish it will have a spacious family room/office, two other bedrooms, bathroom and large storage and cold storage. Love this home definitely will be growing our little family here for at least 7-10 years.

This is obviously the front. We have a nice sized front yard and for now just Bushes and plants. But eventually I want to add flowers and have a garden. We have a little front porch space if you can see it. I put a cute black bench there and plan to add pillows in the Spring/Summer.

So the picture on the left was how the entire house was painted. It was all one tone, and it was a really deep tan. After living in our town home and decorating and painting I found out what I liked and didn't like and after painting our entire town home in a tan, I was over it. So when I was looking on good old Pinterest over the 3 years I lived in my town home I always was drawn to the shade "greige" a mix between a grey and beige. Especially the shade by Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter" all the pictures I had seen I loved. So when we moved in I kinda just went for it and painted our ENTIRE main area and hallways in it, and luckily I LOVED it! I also hated that even the baseboards were tan so I painted every single baseboard in our house white. Which surprisingly takes FOREVER. But after all the work I am in love with it. The picture on the right is the after. It just doesn't do it justice. 

The front entry (ps I took half my pictures during Christmas time so bear with me). Pretty self explanatory. You walk in and either go downstairs to the basement or walk in to our open family room. I still need to paint every door in our house from the tan to the white, and that's my goal before the baby is born. 

(yes that's my half naked son who is watching frozen)
Our family room. Love how open this room is.I love our fireplace and the brick that goes to the ceiling. Ultimately when we finish our basement and move the TV and electronics off the mantel and fire place and just use the mantel as a pretty decorative space. Other than that we won't be doing much more then adding more decorations to the walls and accents of the room. The main color scheme is Light grey, dark grey, and lime greenish. 

So this is the kitchen and dining area. The dining space is perfect for our needs and future needs. Its right off the kitchen and it also leads to the backyard door and on the other side goes to the mudroom. We used to have a tiny little table that sat four people very tightly. We sold that and bought this new black table that I love. It sits 4-6 people comfortably and has a leaf  to add so we can just use the set of four on a regular basis. Pretty much everything is done in here, I keep going back and forth if I want to add a rug or not. Who knows time will tell. 

Obviously most people when they are looking for a home one of their main focuses is the kitchen that was like MY ONLY factor. We would look at pictures of homes and I would be like no. Just based on the kitchen. Its where I am most of the time I want it to be what I want. I wanted a island, that was a big deal to me. And I definitely wanted more cupboard and counter space then my town home. You would be surprised how many kitchens we're the exact same size as my town home kitchen but in a much bigger house. Anyways found this home and the kitchen is exactly what i wanted. Island, way more cupboard space, and even deep drawers. I love the black-splash and the cabinets are really thick sturdy wood. I am slowly adding decorations with 3 different shades of blue and very small amounts of gray. I will show you once I add them. I eventually in years to come want white cupboards but for now i am just loving what I have. Plus lets talk about this pantry. I used to have a small closet size pantry with four shelves. And now I always tell people we could fit like 4 people in here. I just didn't know what to do with myself.

Here is the mudroom. Its between the dining room and garage. The top pic is what its like right now and the bottom pic is my inspiration. So that door (ya the one that is barely painted) leads to the garage. The red and tan was leftover from the previous owners. They also had horse hooves as hooks (ya def not my style.) So I just left it the same color cause I plan to a lot with this room. I want to add bead board like the inspiration picture and have it be white. Then paint thin black and white stripes like so. Then complete the hooks and the decor in gold. With the black and white as the main colors with gold accents. I am so excited for this to happen. Don't know when but its going to be adorable!

This disaster is our laundry room. Its right off the mudroom. Luckily the paint in here is adorable. So for now it works. This room is probably going to be my last room we ever redo. But I know what I for sure want to do eventually is add a pedestal under my washer and dryer. And add a few cupboards to hide all that junk on the shelf. I am not sure what I want to do paint wise or decoration but I have a few ideas. Either Tiffany Blue or a light Coral. Who knows that may change once I get around to it.

Now lets go the other side of the house. This is where we get to bedrooms and bathrooms. This is the guest/kids bathroom. Ashton is showing you around. Pretty simple. We just need to paint a little, dont know what yet and add decor. I have been so slow to add my decor cause I just want it to be perfect. But ya you get the idea.

Down the hall into Ashton's room. Okay notice the pink wall above? Uhm ya that was Ash's room and that ain't gonna fly. We painted his room the second we could. If you read my blog before this room will look like deja vu. I decided to keep Ashtons room the exact same as our town home. I loved it then and wanted to enjoy it more so we just kept it the same. His room is ten times the size as the town home, so a ton more space and his closet is really large too. 

Across the hall way is the second bedroom. For the first few months we we're using it as storage and an office. And then once again pregnancy changed our plans. I was going to put the boys together but decided I wouldn't be sleeping if we put them together so Boston gets this room. We are doing his room in shades of gray with a burnt orange color and creme. (Do you feel like I have gray throughout my entire house? oh wait I do) That picture with the striped wall was my inspiration for the entire room. Then I was searching for bedding and found the most perfect bedding. Then I plan to do a collage of pictures above the changing table and his name above the crib. Then im going to make that cute circle mobile in the colors of the room. I plan on getting started on his room in the next couple weeks.

The master bedroom! Ahh I am so excited to show you this. Obviously a lot needs to be done, but the dream I have for it is whats exciting. So when we first moved in I bought all new bedding. I knew I wanted to do tan, coral, and turquoise. Well I found the most perfect pillows and bedding set and now I am obsessed. I plan to paint the room the color that's on the bedspread (its a really really light tan) and then do stripes on the wall behind our bed in the turquoise pillow. Then for my birthday I am finally going to get a headboard and nightstand for my side. haha its been four years of marriage, I think its about time. I plan to do a cute little timeline/collage of our relationship above our bed and other cute decor later. Our room and Boston's room is on our to do list next so I'm getting excited!

Our master bath. This was my only compromise with the house and it actually hasn't been a bad compromise. In our town home we we're always sharing the counter and it was really tight. So I always wanted a double sink. But then we found out our place only had one sink. But tons of counter space. So its actually worked out fine. Then I wanted a separate tub and shower. Once again, this didn't have it. But it had a soaking tub making the shower feel big. And I am not lying when I say I am in this thing at least once a week since we moved in. I love my tub! So the colors of our bathroom are Navy and Mint. I plan on painting the bathroom a really light mint and do more decor in the navy.  And frame our mirror. So far I love it. Our walk in closet is small but mighty. I need to do a lot more organizing to make it more efficient and clean but it works for our needs.

We LOVE our backyard. I cannot wait for the Spring and Summer cause we will basically live out here. Its huge! The previous owners left us the storage shed and the play set in the sandbox. I can send Ash out there and he will play forever! Our deck is a good size for our grill and sitting. We plan to add a fire pit on the side yard (not pictured) and a trampoline. If you can't find me this spring I will be on the deck with my Diet Pepsi in hand basking in the sun! Only downside is mowing it, but Jake has to do that so it's really actually not a problem hah!

Now our basement. Its completely unfinished. So I saved you the trouble of looking at cement walls and ground. And gave you a floor plan. You go into the basement and it will be all open from the stairs. On the left side of the floor plan there will be our family room and tv area. Then the open area on the right will be a game area and where our office desk and computer will go. The two bedrooms will also be on that with a full bath separating them. Then under the stairs and all that grey/white space is all storage and there is a separate room completely for cold storage. Lots of room to grow and lots and lots of storage!

And that is our home! Thanks for going through the whole thing and now come over for an actual visit anytime! XOXO

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