Monday, February 9, 2015

Baja Mexico Cruise

This past week we we're on a Cruise with Jake's family to Catalina Island, CA and Ensenada, MX. It was definitely not what we expected but we made the best of it and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Day 1-Traveling/Boarding the Ship: We decided to save money and Drive to Long Beach instead of flying. So we left at 10:30 the night before and got into Long Beach around 7:30 and hung around the area till we could board. Once we did we looked around and then started the night off with an amazing meal and show!

Day 2-Day at Sea: This was the only day we had to enjoy the pools on the ship and the sun. Jake played hackie sack while I laid out and read my book and I was in PURE heaven. It definitely wasn't the best weather conditions, but good enough to lay in the sun, and I even got a tiny bit of color. We all met up after for some mini golf.

That night was also our formal night it was so fun! We got all dressed up and ate in incredible meal and all the servers perform. After we went and listened to the band play 80's music and it was so fun. Everyone was party poopers and went to bed except My MIL, BIL, and me so we went and had late night pizza. It was delish!

Day 3-Catalina Island: We thought that at least one of the ports we were getting off of would be a beach, and soon found out neither had beaches and we we're sad. So we figured once we got to the port we would figure it out. Well once we got there we saw how beautiful the city was we decided to rent bikes and ride around the island and it was heavenly! It wasn't too hot and it was the perfect little ride. Then we ate at the local Mexican Restaurant, and went shopping. They had this candy shop that was literally my heaven! And they handmade the taffy and it was magical! 

Day 4-Ensenada: So...I didn't realize this was going to be like sketchy Mexico! haha! You know how there is like beautiful Mexico and then there is sketchy Mexico? Well Ensenada falls into sketchy for sure! Haha we planned on doing the local shopping here. Well we got talked into taking a bus to go deeper into mexico where there is the cheap market and you can barter. But it also has this beautiful lookout and this blowhole that supposedly is the biggest! But anyways, the entire trip I was looking for a floppy black hat maybe with some leopard, a toy for Ashton, and a maxi dress. And I found it! I was so happy! Plus we ate the local taco's which were literally THE BEST I have ever had! And I got to drink out of a pineapple...which is pretty cool!

This was also our last night on the boat :( So naturally I went out with a bang and ate three desserts! WE got to know our table pretty well. And had a lot of fun! It was such a fabulous week and we had a lot of fun! But by the next morning I was ready to get home and see my boy I missed him so much! It was perfect getaway and Jake's family loved it!

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