Saturday, February 28, 2015

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 Weeks and 3 days

Weight gain? 16 whole lbs. woah momma ;) 

Maternity Clothes? Yes. I have been looking on Pinterest for outfit ideas, cause I feel like I repeat things over and over.

Stretch marks? Negative. They are going to creep up come third trimester.

Sleep? When I read all these articles they say third trimester is when sleep gets rough. Well for Jenessa, its been since 13 weeks. So don't listen to what "they" say.

Best moment this week? Getting Boston's room ready. Its becoming more real. And I am giddy with excitement.

Miss anything?Well, I really try to be positive and not complain. But I just am excited to feel 100% normal again in 3 months. 

Cravings? The usual. Salads. French Fries. And lately smoothies and ice cream.

Any Aversions? Milk, Pasta, hamburgers. Also the usual

Showing? Oh yes sir-ee. I just keep pushing that belly out. It can only go out. By the end of my pregnancy my belly will reach the other end of the chalkboard.

Belly button in or out? The last couple days, its about to come makes me nervous haha

Wedding ring on or off? Still rocking it strong

Happy or Moody? Uh, I feel like a little moody, but not as bad as some weeks

Looking forward to? Possibly painting the babies room this week?

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